Our Review Of the new SX Mini Q Mini 200W TC

SX Mini Q Mini 200W TC

The SX Mini Q Class still is one of the best mods I’ve tested since doing vape reviews but it had a major drawback. The 510 connector, while solid and well-built, only sit flush with 22mm atomizers. And with so many people today using 24-25mm tanks and RTAs, it clearly needed an upgrade. The SX Mini Q Mini 200W embodies the same features that made its brother great, but with a few extra pros.


Smaller than the original Q Class, the Mini version has a 510 connector that takes atomizers up to 25mm and the chip has been upgraded to the new Yihi SX450J-BT. The BT stands for Bluetooth and the SX Mini Q Mini 200W is now fully customizable and even upgradeable through wireless connection with your mobile phone.SX Mini Q Mini Box

The device comes packed in the same elegant gift box as the initial model and inside you will find the mod, the micro-USB cable and a user manual. It is available in two colors – black and red – and the build quality is just stellar. The panels have been redesigned with venting slots on the sides and the finish is luxurious. It’s a mod that resembles its predecessor in terms of design and features, but with a smaller form factor.


If you’re familiar with the Therion, it’s roughly the same size but with rounded edges and that Yihi signature look. And while we definitely recommend an external charger, you should know the board offers 2A balanced charging through the micro-USB slot. It can also be used for future firmware upgrades if you don’t have an iOS or Android smart-phone for the app.

SX Mini Q Mini side viewThe SX Mini Q Mini 200W is a variable wattage device that also features temperature control and here is where it absolutely shines. Yihi have invested a lot in the research and development of their TC feature and this works flawlessly regardless if we’re talking about Nickel, Titanium or Stainless Steel. A new option added to this model is the ability to set heat up curves, depending on the type of coil and this is super great in the case of fused Claptons or Tiger wire. You basically tell the mod with how much power to heat up the coil for the initial seconds. You can start with a bigger wattage and gradually decrease or you can increase and decrease the power to match your vaping style.


The mod lets you customize every aspect of vaping and this puts you in full control over the whole experience. Depending on the type of coil you can get different results and while it’s a bit of learning curve, the end result it totally worth it. As its predecessor, the SX Mini Q Mini 200W also works in SX Mini Q Mini modPower or Joule mode and it can fire down to 0.05 Ohms. This is great for all those who like building very low but with the perks of having high quality safety features, as opposed to a mechanical mod.

The front panel acts as the battery door and this is held in place by strong magnets. To get the most out of your SX Mini Q Mini 200W we recommend using only top quality 30A batteries like Sony or LG. The device doesn’t have any sort of rattle and it feels quite solid and durable.


In terms of performance, as you might expect the SX Mini Q Mini 200W is luxurious powerhouse that easily outputs 200W given the right batteries. The materials used and built quality are premium and the whole experience is top level. Given the price tag it’s more of a connoisseur’s mod, but it’s easy to use even for a beginner. It’s one of the few mods that lets you play with crazy low builds – like 0.05 Ohms – while offering numerous protections and safety features.