Our Review On The SMOK Alien 220W TC

SMOK Alien 220W TC

SMOK Alien boxBattery life on dual 18650 mods has always been an issue for me. Some devices, like the SX Mini Q class, offered great value for the price in this category but others simply drained the cells a lot faster, even at 60W. Well, today I’m going to talk about a brand new mod that I’ve been testing for the last weeks and this one does an incredible job. Since I upgraded the firmware I was able to get two full days of moderate vaping and this makes the SMOK Alien a real powerhouse in my book.

The H-Priv is still one of my favorite go to devices, but I have to say the SMOK Alien is a big step forward and it’s packed with features. One of its strongest points is the generous and very bright OLED display. This offers users detailed information about the batteries, the temperature of the board and even the number of puffs.


The box mod comes packed in a simple black presentation box and inside you will find the SMOK Alien itself, a micro-USB cable, a manual and a warranty card. The two 18650 cells have to be purchased separately and I would suggest getting some Sony or LGs rated at 30A for the best possible experience.


It measures 44 x 30 x 85mm so it has a fairly moderate size among dual 18650 mods and it weighs around 230g.This device has the same type of design as the H-Priv and it integrates the fire button into the side of the mod. It accounts for a very natural feel and personally I’m a big fan of the futuristic look. You can use it with atomizers up to 25mm in diameter, however there’s a slight overhang near the edge opposite to the fire bar. Other than that if feels incredibly comfortable, it’s perfectly balanced and a pleasure to use.SMOK Alien mod black

The SMOK Alien has a good quality 510 connector on the top side, with a spring loaded center pin. The display, micro-USB slot as well as adjustment buttons are placed on the face of the mod. On the base we have the sliding battery door, which is very similar to what you might get on a photo camera. The build quality is top notch and the finish seems to be quite durable.

This mod is able to reach a peak output wattage of 220W and it also does temperature control with Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel. You can adjust the TCR values and this gives plenty of versatility when using other variations of SS for instance. You can use the micro-USB slot for charging, however I would always recommend an external charger for the job. The main purpose of this connector is firmware upgrades, which you can download from SMOK’s website.

SMOK Alien mod battery doorMy recommendation would be to thoroughly read the user manual to learn all the shortcuts and features of this device. You can also adjust how it delivers power to the coil by selecting Normal, Soft or Hard, depending on the type of build. This is especially great when using Claptons and you need the extra boost each time you press the fire bar.


With the last firmware upgrade the performance of the SMOK Alien has been greatly improved and it makes this mod a best buy in this category and price range. The fire bar does the job without flaw, the OLED display is spectacular to say the least and the experience is incredible. It’s a mod built for power and it would make a great match for any of today’s high end atomizers. Not exactly beginner material, but for intermediate and experienced users it offers¬†great versatility.