Review of the Smoant Battlestar 200W

Smoant Battlestar 200W

A small and compact dual 18650 mod, the Smoant Battlestar 200W is perfect for beginners as well as for intermediate or advanced vapers. Besides being easy to use, this tiny powerhouse can reach up an output power of 200W and also does temperature control. The shape is very ergonomic, button placement is ideal and the chip does an excellent job hitting hard and without any delays.


Smoant Battlestar BoxThe Smoant Battlestar 200W comes packed in a lovely black and yellow cardboard presentation box. Inside you will find the mod itself, a micro-USB cable, and the user manual. It is available in ten different color options from bronze to camo and the finish is of very good quality.


The device measures 85mm x 43mm and has a total weight of around 135g without batteries. As always, we recommend getting two high drain 18650s from trusted manufacturers like Sony or LG. Also it’s probably a good idea to use an external charger and not the built-in micro-USB slot. Same as with all dual 18650 on the market.

Smoant Battlestar bronze On the top side of the Smoant Battlestar 200W we have a robust 510 connector that comes with a spring loaded pin. On the main side we have the fire button, the OLED display, adjustments button and micro-USB port near the base. The battery door is held in place by four powerful magnets and doesn’t feature any sort of rattle. Everything fits together just perfectly and makes the device so easy and fun to use.

Also we noticed up to seven venting ports with this particular mod, therefore Smoant deserves big thumbs up for putting safety first. The device also features low resistance protection, reverse polarity protection, overheating protection and a 10s cut-off interval.

Smoant Battlestar bronze sideThe menu system is intuitive and easy to use, however you cannot adjust the wattage while in temperature control mode. Also we didn’t read about any future firmware upgrades, but on the bright side these two are the only cons with the Smoant Battlestar 200W.

Minimum resistance is 0.1 Ohms in variable wattage mode and 0.05 Ohms in TC mode. Temperature Control works with Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel as well as TCR. You can even vape on it while it’s charging but this is something we wouldn’t recommend on the long term.


For a device with a $60 price tag the build quality on the Smoant Battlestar 200W is incredible. Except for some minor button rattle this mod feels sturdy, durable and it hits like a locomotive. It’s the perfect match for any atomizer or tank between 22-25mm and the chip is super responsive. We mostly used it between 45 – 70W and battery life was great all throughout our tests.