Our Review On The Kanger KBOX 160W TC

Kanger KBOX 160W TC

Kanger has released a lot of products lately, from their AIO DripBox to the ego style SubVod Mega and many more but I have a box mod today that clearly shines when it comes to temperature control. It’s a very user friendly stainless steel mod that looks nice and performs great regardless of what atty you decide to mount on top of it. The Kanger KBOX 160W TC is probably one of the most affordable box mods that reaches this wattage and it’s powered by two high drain 18650 batteries.

 Kanger KBOX 160W TC side viewThe Kanger KBOX 160W TC comes packed in a lovely white and black gift box and inside you will find the mod itself, some silver stickers for the batteries and the user manual, with no extra accessories included. The mod looks super sexy in stainless steel and it weighs just about 150g without any batteries inside. I have to say I really like the design and the curves on this box mod and it’s probably one of the most stylish devices released by the Chinese company. It feels great in the hand, the buttons are positioned just perfectly and it’s definitely the type of mod that will get you noticed.

On the top side of the Kanger KBOX 160W TC we have a spring loaded 510 connector (thumbs up Kanger) and the engraved words “KBOX 160”. On the main side we have the silver fire button, the lovely display, the two plus / minus buttons and the micro-USB charging port. On the base there are  Kanger KBOX 160W TC silver top viewsome venting holes for the board and if you want to get access to the battery compartment you have to hold the mod with one hand and pull the metallic sleeve covering both faces with the other. The device is powered by two high drain 18650 batteries and I do suggest using 25A or 30A models. I also recommend using an external charger with the batteries and skip the micro-USB slot from the device.

The mod measures 84 x 55 x 22 mm, has a brushed metallic finish and it looks great with any RDA or 22mm tank on top of it, especially with the Protank 4 I reviewed a few weeks ago. However, when it comes to bigger RTAs or RDTAs you will have some overhang on the sides and it just won’t look as nice. The lip they designed on the main side really does make the mod a lot more stylish than the 200W version, but again, I’m only referring to 22mm diameter atomizers. The Zinc alloy surface seems to be very durable and starch resistant so I don’t think we’ll have the same old paint chipping like all on the other Kanger products.

 Kanger KBOX 160W silverThe Kanger KBOX 160W TC is a variable wattage device that can also do temperature control and it goes from 7W – 160W in 0.1 and 1.0W increments (0.1 – up to 99W and 1.0 above 100W). To access the temperature control menu you will have to press three times on the fire button and it has support for Nickel, Titanium, Nichrome and Stainless Steel (named SUS). The temperature control feature works quite well on this device but it’s not something I normally use with a rebuildable dripping atomizer – like the Tsunami from GeekVape (which also looks great on the mod).

When it comes to performance, the Kanger KBOX 160W TC is a great piece of engineering and also a decently priced mod that can reach 160W. It’s build from good quality materials, has no rattle and I didn’t encounter any issues with it. The batteries last for the whole day if you use it at around 40W and it’s always nice to have all that extra power just waiting to be unleashed with a Clapton or Tiger build on an RDA. It’s probably one of the nicest and well performing mods that Kanger has released in the last few months.