Review of the Zeus Thunder 2 Vape Pen from Zeus Arsenal

Zeus Thunder 2 Vape Pen

The Zeus Thunder 2 vape pen is the ideal device if you’re only looking to enjoy wax and concentrates. It’s designed by Canadian based company Zeus Arsenal and it’s one of the most portable vaporizers on the market today. Powered by an eGo style battery, this tiny pen delivers great vapor quality at an affordable price.

Zeus Thunder 2 battery and atomizerWHAT YOU GET WITH THE KIT

The Zeus Thunder 2 vape pen comes packed in a grey cardboard box. Inside you will find the Z-Fuel battery, the Z-Wax 2 atomizer, spare black O-rings, a USB charger, a packing tool, a silicone container and the user manual. If the original Thunder allowed the use of dry herb material and oils with different tanks, its predecessor only works with wax and concentrates. This is a smart move by Zeus Arsenal because the dry herb and oil atomizers were a bit tricky to use and refill, so they only focused on simplicity and flavor.


Z-Wax 2 AtomizerThe Z-Wax 2 Atomizer is made from stainless steel and glass and has an innovative design. It features a ceramic heating chamber and it is way better than traditional coils. It works through conduction and it greatly improves the overall experience.

When using the atomizer for the first time you need to sterilize it. This is done by connecting it to the battery, unlocking the device and keeping the power button pressed for around 8-10 seconds. Repeat the process two more times to make sure any residue is fully combusted. Unlocking the battery is done by pressing the button five consecutive times until the notification LED light starts to blink. Same goes for when you want to lock the vaporizer.


As we mentioned earlier, the Zeus Thunder 2 vape pen is extremely portable. It measures 135mm in height and has a diameter of only 12.5mm. This combined with its total weight of just under 55 grams, makes it one of the discreet products we tested in this category. Also the high end PVD coating gives it a really nice metallic finish and provides durability to scratches over time.Zeus Thunder 2

To fill the atomizer make sure you take off the glass sleeve first. Then you simply need to unscrew the top cap and using the packing tool just place a small quantity of wax or concentrate on the ceramic pad. Just over a grain of rice would do it and it’s what we recommend.

To recharge the battery just remove the atomizer and screw on the USB adapter. Plug it into your laptop or wall adapter and wait until the LED indicator turns to know the battery is full. The whole process should take around two hours.


Performance wise, the Zeus Thunder 2 vape pen is an extremely portable wax vaporizer that delivers great flavor and excellent value for money. It comes with a one year hassle free warranty and battery life is enough for at least 1.5h of moderate vaping. Heating time is anywhere between 3 – 8 seconds and vapor quality is quite impressive from such a tiny device.