Our Review On The Kanger Aerotank Mini

Kanger Aerotank Mini

Have you ever heard the expression ‘Less is more’? Well, it may not always be accurate, but in this case, it fits the description 100%. Check out the Aerotank Mini from Kanger, which embodies all the best features from both Aero and Protank lines of products and packs a whole lot of vaping power inside a very small box.

It comes packed in the usual Kanger black box, with the transparent sheet of plastic foil just in front of the tank, making it clearly visible from the outside. Inside you will find the Mini (consisting of a top cap, atomizer head, Pyrex tube, bottom cap and airflow control base), a stainless steel drip tip, an extra atomizer head (1.5 Ohms), and a stainless steel version of the Pyrex tube. Depending on your personal preference, you can use the Aerotank Mini with the Pyrex tube or the steel tube, but we found the second one to give the whole assembly a rather spectacular look. In terms of functionality, they both work the same way, therefore the extra tube is for aesthetic purposes only.

The first impression is that it shares some of the design features with the Protank 3 Mini, but except for the etches on the bottom side of the body and the airflow adjustment system. They have completely redesigned the coils and instead of using different diameter holes to provide adjustable airflow, the Aerotank Mini uses a ring with a hole that can follow a crack in the base that gets wider as you turn left to right. This way, depending on the type of hit you enjoy you could get from zero to maximum in a quick turn of the dial.

To fill up the Mini with e-liquid you need to unscrew the bottom cap, hold the tank upside down and start pouring it with your dripper. It can hold as much as 1.3ml of e-juice, but we’ve noticed it’s a bit hard to estimate when you need to refill or the quantity of e-liquid required when you’re using the stainless steel ring iKanger Aerotank Mini silvernstead of the transparent Pyrex. You will also run into some trouble with the airflow adjustment ring when using the Mini on a mod with a deep well. It does come with both eGo and 510 treading, and since it has a diameter of 14mm, it’s ideal to use with the eGo battery.

Performance wise, the redesigned airflow system really adds a different dimension to the Mini, giving you complete control over your hits and finding a sweet spot is quite easy. Vapor production is great; however the first levels of the airflow gauge give a very tight draw. All in all, it’s a great product, very similar in features with the Mega series and worth every buck.