Our Review On The Aspire Nautilus

Aspire Nautilus

Aspire Nautilus tank silverOne of the most appreciated tank systems of the year, the Aspire Nautilus is equipped with a state of the art airflow adjustment mechanism that has made it the pinnacle of Pyrex tanks for quite some time now. In essence, it is chimney style atomizer with four different airflow settings that can be adjusted through a ring at the base. It uses the latest atomizer dual coil heads from Aspire that are replaceable and have a very long lifespan.

Out of the box the Nautilus comes with a 1.6Ohm bottom vertical coil installed and a replacement version with a stated resistance of 1.8Ohms. The packaging is good quality and features a black cardboard box with the company logo and a clear representation of the tank system. Inside you will also find the instructions manual and an eGo cone.

The Pyrex glass tube is threaded on the top end and the bottom cap of the atomizer comes off with no effort. One thing you need to pay attention though is the fact that over-tightening the top cap can result in permanently damaging the unit so be careful.

In order to refill the tank with e-juice one needs to remove the bottom cap, turn the device upside-down and carefully drip his or hers favorite liquid until the max indicator. After this, the Nautilus needs to be re-assembled and it’s ready to puff on. It has a total capacity of 5ml of e-juice giving a regular e-smoker at least 8 hours of autonomy.

Probably the most important feature of the Nautilus is the adjustable airflow system that can be spotted on the lower ring. Here you can see four holes with different diameters (0.9 – 1.8mm) that put you in control over the amount of air that flows through the unit and gives you the ability to adjust the drag and the quantity of vapor it produces. The ring is easily adjusted and in seconds you can go from regular vapor to massive clouds of delicious mist.

The Nautilus comes with its own stainless steel drip tip that is mounted tightly via a rubber O-ring. It helps cool down the vapor but if you don’t like putting metal into your mouth it can work with your Pyrex or plastic drip tips as well.

Considering it costs less than $30, the Aspire Nautilus is an excellent 510 threaded tank system with adjustable airflow that can complement any powerful mechanical mod or personal vaporizer. The atomizer heads need to be replaced every couple of weeks but the whole process is easy and maintenance doesn’t cost that much on the long run. As it is made from glass you will need to be careful not to drop it or you can buy a metallic sleeve to protect it from impact. Vapor production is solid and it can keep any vaper happy.