A quick look at the Halo flavors

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Halo EliquidHalo has maintained its reputation as one of the top brands on the market for many years and it understands the importance of quality e-liquids. From the beginning, it has been one of the pioneers of the USA-made e-juices and now its flavors are world-renowned. Halo uses only the purest domestic ingredients and under strict quality control, it has managed to develop a wide variety of aromas, some of which we are going to talk about today.

From all the flavors out there, tobacco is clearly one of the top sellers because so many ex-smokers are still craving for this particular aroma each time they take a puff out of an e-cigarette. Halo has an impressive palette of tobaccos, so let us discuss a bit about some of them.

Tribeca is a distinctive smooth tobacco flavor but with an added sweet top note. With a combination of caramel, vanilla and some toasted nuts, this is an ideal purchase for RY4 enthusiasts and certainly the sweetest version Halo has to offer. It produces an amazing throat hit and is the perfect day-to-day e-liquid.

Turkish tobacco is by far Halo’s masterpiece and one if not the best tobacco flavors on the market today. Crafted out of a blend of Black Sea leaves, it has a rich and slightly sweet flavor with the most amazing throat hit ever. It’s sure to hit the jackpot with almost any tobacco lover and it’s best served out of a powerful mod or AVP to get the most of its massive vapor production.

Longhorn is a big bold American flavor accompanied by one of the strongest throat hits we’ve ever come across. It resembles ‘Marlboro’ cigarettes with a hint of sweetness and a bit of a mild cigar, more like something you would enjoy out of a pipe.

Voodoo is one of Halo’s most intriguing flavors. It’s like the perfect combination of aromas that shouldn’t work but they do. Cherries, black currants, grapes and plums mixt together with some distinctive tobacco notes to create this amazing flavor. Even though it’s quite popular it’s still a ‘love it or hate it’ kind of deal.

The second best-selling flavor is of course Menthol, and Halo has a bunch of flavors that will make your taste buds cheer with delight.

Mystic Menthol will hit the spot perfectly if you are looking for lots of menthol notes and a neutral mint flavor. The light sweetness compliments the overall flavor and makes it the best go-to e-liquid for so many mint lovers.

SubZero is a very potent menthol flavor that will linger at the back of your throat long after you stopped vaping. With almost triple the amount of menthol found in other similar products, this is definitely an e-liquid for the most adventurous of vapers, always seeking a more concentrated taste. If you love the feel of inhaling millions of tiny ice crystals or want to have a go on tasting liquid nitrogen, then this is definitely the choice for you.

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