HALO Ecig Starterkit Review

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One of the best ecigs out there
Halo is one of the top players from the ecigarette industry and it has a reputation to live up to. They sell only high quality products and you won’t be disappointed by your purchase. It is probably one of the best brands on the market as far as e-cigarette users are concerned.
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Halo starter kit review

Halo is one of the veterans of the electronic cigarette industry and managed to maintain its position among the leaders and innovators of this field for quite some time. They started as a cig-a-like brand (ecigarettes that mimic analogs by looks and sizes) but have evolved so much since then. They have became renowned for their amazingly delicious e-Liquid, crafted only from premium FDA approved natural and artificial flavorings to offer a rich taste that is never too overpowering.

While other brands prefer to import their e-Liquids from overseas, where a great deal of quality control can be lost, HALO is proud to offer 100%  US made smoke juice in all of their products. All Halo e-Liquid flavorings are certified by FEMA GRAS (The Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the United States – Generally Recognized as Safe), and are derived from the most esteemed flavor houses from across the globe.

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Halo ecig likes to keep things simple and offers its customers two ranges of products: The G6 E-Cigarette and The Triton Tank System.

G6 is a cig-a-like ecigarette model that is available to purchase in nine colors and its performances and similarities can match any other top notch brand on the market.

All Halo kits come in a variety of colors, flavors and nicotine levels.

Design and Packaging

HALO likes its products to really stand out and you can see that their attention to detail is remarkable. All products are made from quality materials and the selection of colors and options is suitable for all tastes.

The G6 comes in 9 available colors: Jet Black, Midnight Blue, Demon Red, Emerald Green, Electric Lime, Classic White, Titanium, Deep Purple, and Princess Pink.

The starter kit comes in a stylish leather case and their logo will really get you noticed. While made of metallic material, holding them in your hand feels very comfortable and the ecig has a coating that makes it quite soft and pleasant.

Starter Kit contents, prices and warranty


The G6 Starter Kit contains:

  • First battery (78mm automatic, 65mm automatic or 65mm manual)
  • Second battery (78mm automatic, 65mm automatic or 65mm manual)
  • 5-Pack filled cartomizer (flavored   – having 4 levels of nicotine to choose from: Low (6mg/ml), Medium (12mg/ml), High (18mg/ml),  XHigh (24mg/ml) or blank)
  • USB plug
  • Wall plug
  • HALO case

The Halo ecig G6 Starter Kit can be purchased for $44.99 no matter what combination of batteries and cartomizers you choose.

Battery warranty is 60 days while both the USB adapter and wall charger come with 90 days.

Battery Life

Halo’s G6 batteries seem to last a bit longer than most ecig batteries of similar size and keep in mind that the 78mm battery will last you longer (~300 puffs per charge) than the 65mm battery (~200 puffs per charge). You also have the option of buying an additional 102 XL battery for $13.99.

Batteries are available as automatic or manual, which experienced vapers may prefer because it allows them more control over the vapor inhalation with the help of a button on the side of the unit.

Halo Flavors


Halo is renowned for its amazing flavors and there is a wide variety to choose from.

Tobacco flavors like Southern Classic, Freedom Juice, Turkish Tobacco, Captain Jack, Tiki Juice, Midnight Apple,HX3, Voodoo, Prime15, LongHorn, Tribeca, and Torque56 will definitely put their distinctive mark on your taste buds.

If you love menthol flavors then you should know Halo has four:  SubZero, CoolMist, Menthol ICE,  and Mystic.

There are also gourmet flavors that offer a sweet distraction from the tobacco and mint: Cafe Mocha,  Shamrock, Twisted Java, Belgian Cocoa, Malibu, and Kringle’s Curse.

Product Specifications

Rating of the Halo

9 Overall score
90 Score
Vapor Production 90

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