Innokin iSub Tank

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Innokin iSub Tank
Cheap and efficient
As a matter of fact my experience with the iSub Tank was more than joyful, the flavor and vapor production being unexpectedly rich given the small price tag.
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Our Review On The Innokin iSub Tank

I know we all had some bad experiences with plastic tanks in the past, many of them cracking when used with lemony or cinnamon / clove type e-liquids and this is probably the main reason for which many of today’s high-end clearomizers use Pyrex glass and don’t have any more issues. But there are two downsides to Pyrex – one is that it’s a bit more expensive then plastic and the second is that it’s very sensitive to mechanical shocks like dropping it on the floor or table by accident. This is where Innokin decided to revolutionize the sub-ohm tank market and released their latest model that became an instant hit – the iSub Tank.

Innokin iSub Tank and boxThe iSub Tank is not your usual  sub-ohm cloud chasing tool, because Innokin have combined cost effectiveness with a revolutionary non-spill design to get the most out of their new atomizer heads. Instead of Pyrex it uses an extremely durable German made polycarbonate and this is probably why it’s one of the cheapest sub-ohm tanks on the market. It sells for only $14 and a new five pack of coils is just under $10 so what we have here is sub-ohming for the masses. The coil heads use Japanese organic cotton and they are rated at 0.5 Ohms. And the cool thing is that on top of each coil there’s a metallic screen that prevents splashing.

The iSub Tank comes packed in a small cardboard box made from recycled materials and inside you are going to find the unit, a spare coil and a small manual/guide. It gives basic info on how to use and refill the tank and I like the fact that they don’t recommend this to be used with mechanical mods. And unless you’re an expert in Ohm’s Law we definitely suggest using any sub-ohm tank only with regulated devices. Another great thing about this particular model is that, because of the polycarbonate, it comes in a variety of colors from clear and smoke black to more vivid versions like pink, purple, or blue.

It does have an adjustable airflow mechanism at the base, and this one comes right of the tank if unscrewed. This is good for maintenance but sometimes you just want to refill the iSub and the wrong ring comes out. And speaking about refilling, this can be done withiSub Tank pink great ease by removing the base and pouring the juice with your dropper or unicorn bottle. It can hold up as much as 4ml of e-liquid which is great – however we did saw some users complaining about cracks due to citrus type juices. I didn’t have any lying around to test it out, but I can’t believe this can happen in only a few hours as the user complained. As a matter of fact my experience with the iSub Tank was more than joyful, the flavor and vapor production being unexpectedly rich given the small price tag.

I did notice they released a more recent version (the iSub G) which has the tube made from Pyrex but it costs an extra $8. My only complaint was the fact that the drip tip is non removable and I wanted to use a different type to match my whole setup. But nevertheless, a great product that performs as expected (even better) and can last for a very long time.

Product Specifications

Rating of the Innokin Isub Tank

8 Overall score
80 Score
Flavor 80
80 Score
Vapor Production 80
80 Score
Throat hit 80
90 Score
Price 90
70 Score
Overall quality 70

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