Our Review On The Eleaf Melo Sub Ohm Tank

The Eleaf Melo Sub Ohm Tank

Do you own a small regulated box mod like the KBox from Kanger, the iStick, the MVP 3.0, or the DNA 40 and are looking for one of the best tanks to mount on top of it? Well, your search is about to end because today we are going to take a closer look at yet another sub ohm tank that’s pumping out clouds like a freak – the Eleaf Melo.

It’s pretty solid an very well built stainless steel and Pyrex glass tank that uses 0.5 Ohm atomizer heads and comes with a beautiful glass drip tip and it performs like a true winner. It has clearly been intended to match the iStick 30W, but you can also use it on top of any other box mod or standard 18650 mech mod ( with a high performance battery above 20A) because of its 22.3mm diameter. Considering the total length of 67.5mm it might just be a bit bigger than the competition but it looks great and it has a generous capacity of 3.5ml of e-liquid.

 Eleaf Melo tankThe Eleaf Melo comes packed in a nice white plastic wrapped cardboard box and inside you will find a fully assembled tank, a manual, and a spare 0.5 Ohm atomizer head. So no additional Pyrex glass tube for this tank, but considering it’s one of the cheapest we’ve tested so far, you can buy one separately and still pay less than on a Kanger or Atlantis.

The atomizer heads are made with organic cotton and they have threading on both ends to ensure a tight fit with both the base and the chimney (inner tube, shaft) to deliver an efficient and steady output. They have two massive 4mm intake air holes at the bottom and four feed holes on the sides to ensure a steady juicy flow.

The engraved patterns on the tank are great and they count for good grip and maneuverability. The Eleaf Melo also comes with an adjustable airflow mechanism that is comprised of 5 x 2mm holes, three of them located on one side and two on the other. The ring has plenty of resistance to it to ensure it doesn’t twist on its own.

To refill the tank with e-liquid you will need to unscrew the base from the shaft and because there’s plenty of room to pour in the juice you won’t need a dropper for this. As we said earlier it can take up to 3.5ml of e-liquid but considering the 0.5 Ohm coils and the face that you are going to vape on this baby on around 30W, that juice is going to disappear at a very fast rate. But that’s both a blessing and a curse with these modern sub ohm tanks because the flavor and vapor production are just incredible – however the downside is that you will constantly need to refill with e-liquid (3-4 hours of moderate vaping).

 Eleaf Melo tank dissembled One thing you need to be extra careful about is to soak up the atomizer head with e-liquid when using the tank for the first time or changing the coil. You will also need to start off at a moderate wattage setting (let’s say anywhere around 15W) and gradually increase the power. This is because of the organic cotton inside the coils that has the tendency to burn up quickly if dry. You will also need to align the notches on the chimney with the feed holes on the atomizer head when screwing the base back in place just to expose that cotton to the e-liquid much faster. Oh, and as another great feature on the Eleaf Melo – the O-rings that seal the Pyrex glass to the rest of the body are made from good quality materials and we didn’t encounter any sort of issues with them.

In terms of performance, the Melo absolutely shines on top of the iStick. Vapor production is fabulous, flavor is intense and the draw is just phenomenal. This is probably the best value for money sub ohm tank you can buy at the moment and surely it’s not going to disappoint you. We are going to certainly stick with it for a very long time.