Our Review On The Kamry 20W

Compact box mods have really hit it off in the last few months and all the major manufacturers are struggling to come out with small yet versatile vaporizers intended mostly for beginners and intermediate vapers. People who want to make the switch from regular two-piece cig-a-likes or eGo style devices to a more powerful mod but also those looking for a back-up vaporizer to have in case of emergencies or when something more portable is required. It’s not exactly the ‘iStick killer’ but the Kamry 20W is certainly a box mod worth checking out because it comes packed with so many awesome features.

NOTE: This device is no longer available. Find the best rated mods here.

The Kamry 20W comes packed in a nice white box and inside you will find besides the user manual and the quality control documents a micro-USB charging cable. Once you take it out the first thing you will notice is the build quality. Unlike other mods in this category and price range, Kamry has done an excellent job at crafting this one out of solid anodized aluminum as it feels sturdy and quite easy to hold. The materials are high quality and the buttons feel more than ok. It also has a fair amount of weight to it, making it feel balanced and a pleasure to use on a daily basis.

The small box mod is powered by a 10A 18650 2000mAh internal battery that can be charged via the cable provided in the box. While this is not a lot in comparison to other box mods, it’s more than enough for any day-to-day vaper and it reaches up to 20W. Well, in fact it goes all the way to 23W if you are using an atomizer with the resistance about 0.5Ohms. We appreciated the fact that the guys at Kamry were honest and didn’t advertise their product as a 23W mod, like so many other powerful mods are stating specs that they are only capable to achieve with certain coil builds.

Kamry 20W gold and silverLooking at the Kamry 20W you can see the 510 connection on the top that has three channels for improved airflow and also a spring loaded positive pin to ensure a flush mount with any tank or atomizer you might mount on top of it. On the side you will notice the firing button, the display and the two adjustment (+) / (-) buttons. And while the OLED display is the same we’ve seen hundreds of times so far, it looks quite nice with the small body of the Kamry and the readability is perfect. The display indicates the remaining battery charge, the atomizer resistance, output voltage and current wattage.

This small box mod is capable of both variable wattage and variable voltage and in order to switch between modes you have to press the firing button three consecutive times. The wattage can be adjusted from 7W to 23W in 0.1 Watt increments – which accelerates from fractions two Watts if you keep the button pressed. The voltage can be adjusted between 3V and 7.6V. To power off the devices you simply need to press the firing button five times in less than two seconds. Each time you take a puff on the Kamry 20W there is an on-screen indicator that shows the length of the inhale counts each draw.

This mod is compatible with atomizers and tanks having the resistance between 0.3 and 3.0 Ohms. This means it’s an excellent tool for those that want to experiment sub-ohming, especially with the new tanks from Aspire and Kanger. When used with resistances below 0.5 Ohms the maximum output power is of 20W. The Kamry also comes with a temperature sensor and it is designed to turn itself off if it reaches over 70° C.

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Now, in terms or performance, the Kamry 20W lives up to its reputation and we were quite impressed with the amount of vapor it produces, especially with our Aspire Atlantis. It is very responsive and we didn’t manage to find any flaws in the design or day to day use. It’s the perfect gizmo for all vapers that want a good quality device that feels solid and performs top notch. While the internal battery could be replaced if you have a tool for soldering it’s certainly going to last a very long time. All in all, it’s not a mod designed to turn heads or take you cloud chasing but rather to give a decent performance and keep you away from tobacco.