Our Review On The Cigreen Holmes RDA

A very solid and stylish all stainless steel rebuildable dripping atomizer, the Holmes from Cigreen is an authentic dripper with a lot of attitude. It has a diameter of 22mm, so it will fit perfectly on your 18000 series mechanical mods or advanced personal vaporizer and has an adjustable airflow system with four holes.

The Holmes comes packed in a lovely white cardboard box and inside you will find, besides the completely assembled RDA, a mini screwdriver and two prebuilt coils. The first thing you’ll notice about this model is the dial that is fashioned after the Poseidon but with small clicks. It’s also very solid and made from thick 504 grade stainless steel.

The Holmes is a completely threaded three-piece rebuildable atomizer with a removable deck that, as opposed to regular RDAs, comes with an impressive 3ml well, ensuring plenty of dripping autonomy. It is forged in the United States and comes with its own serial number to ensure authenticity.

This RDA has something very close to a radiator on the top cap, ensuring perfect thermal conductivity and giving off a cool vape even with the coils close to the mouthpiece. The top cap unscrews smoothly from the bottom cap that has a completely removable center pin in the 510 connection that is part of the deck. The deck has a positive post and a negative post with two large chimney holes coming from the bottom, which ensure enough air and prevent leaks. The posts have Philips screws and the whole assembly is a pleasure to work with. The holes in the posts are quite big, giving you a wide option of Kanthal gauges that you can use.

The Holmes is designed to work with a dual coil build, but you can also use it in single coil mode. The coils are positioned just above the two chimneys, giving a very unique and efficient airflow design. The whole airflow system consists of four 3mm holes drilled into the bottom cap, with an adjustable ring to help you chose from four different openings. The adjustable ring works in increments and each time you twist it in position it makes a little click. This is probably one of the best adjustable airflow systems we’ve ever seen on an RDA and the clouds it helps to produce are phenomenal. The drip tip that comes inside the box is designed in the same lines at the whole atomizer and is made from stainless steel too.

Performance wise, once you notice the four air holes you simply know this device is going to perform like a real best. Even with the coils that Cigreen Holmes RDAare found inside the box (1.0 Ohms each), we managed to blow out some of the biggest clouds ever with our IPV V2.0. Exceptional build quality for the $30 price tag and this is probably one of the best RDA we’ve tested this fall so if you were still in doubt, go for it.