EUGENE Growl RTA review - Damascus steel 3.5ml atty with two build decks

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The EUGENE Growl RTA is a high end rebuildable atomizer with a very reasonable price tag. It’s made from Damascus steel and features two interchangeable build decks. Total e-liquid capacity is 3.5ml and the presentation is quite unique. It delivers very good flavor and the build quality is hands down one of the best we've seen on a $75 RTA.

8.8 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Two swappable build decks

Damascus steel construction

Flawless machining

Outstanding presentation


Just a metallic drip tip provided

Rather expensive

A great RTA with unique presentation

The EUGENE Growl atomizer comes in a nice white cardboard box and it’s designed by AFK Studio. Inside you will find the RTA itself, “floating” inside a plastic frame with clear wrap on both side. You also get a stand for the atty, a separate build deck, a spare glass section, and a bag of spare O-rings, screws and seals.

Available colors are Gold and Steel and the wrinkle patterns are unique to each unit. This is due to the Damascus & SS316L build, and it’s something we haven’t seen before.

We recommend the Steel version, since this is the actual color of Damascus steel and it’s almost similar to that of chrome.

Eugene Growl RTA packaging

Design of the Growl RTA

The Eugene Growl atty measures 40mm in height with the drip tip attached and has a diameter of 24mm. It feels very solid and the build quality is really impressive. We really appreciate the machining on the threads, chimney section and on both the build decks.

The drip tip is made from the same type of steel and features an ULTEM insert that prevents the transfer of heat. We would have loved to see a fully ULTEM drip tip included, but since it’s 810 compatible you can easily use your own. E-liquid capacity on this bad boy is 3.5ml, and this is pretty reasonable. You will go through much more e-juice when using the atty in dual coil configuration, so that’s something you need to consider.

The top cap unscrews easily and this ensures access to the fill ports. The two holes are big enough and you won’t have any issues regardless if you’re using a dropper or a gorilla bottle.

Two equally impressive build decks

The EUGENE Growl RTA features two build decks: one for single coil build and the other for dual coil configurations. These are held in place by the 510 pin screw and it’s very easy to swap between them. Both have postless design and bottom feeding airflow.

The single coil deck comes with a single airflow hole in the middle and four post screws. This is the configuration we mostly used during our tests and it’s quite versatile. It works with everything from simple builds to fused Claptons and the flavor you get from it is amazing.

The dual coil desk comes with two airflow slots, one on each side. This also has four post screws, however the space is limited and this makes it hard to work with bigger builds.

Airflow is adjustable from the base ring and it’s pretty smooth.

Eugene Growl RTA presentation

Performance and final words on the EUGENE RTA

The EUGENE Growl is one of the most impressive RTA's we recently had the pleasure to test. It is made from high quality Damascus steel and features two swappable build decks for single and dual coil configurations.

It’s a pretty expensive RTA, but you’re paying for high quality and a very unique presentation. All threads are buttery smooth and the attention to detail is remarkable.

Other than the price and the lack of an ULTEM drip tip included, we couldn't find any cons with this atty. We definitely recommend it for flavor and build quality.

Product Specifications
Available colors:Steel, Gold
Brand:Eugene Growl
Built Material:Stainless Steel
Device size:40mm x 24mm
E-Liquid capacity:3.5ml
Production year:2018

Rating of the Eugene Growl Rta

8.8 Overall score
80 Score
Price 80
100 Score
Overall quality 100
80 Score
Ease of building 80
90 Score
Aestetics 90
90 Score
Tank performance 90

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