Burst e-liquids Review | Excellent vape juices from Santa Ana, California

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Burst e-liquids

If you're a fan of fruit candy flavors or just candy in general you will love Burst e-liquids. This delicious line offers eight different juices, each one more interesting and more appealing than the other. We got a total of five four our tests and these are called: Melon Burst, Mango Burst, Straw Burst, Berry Burst and Sher Burst.

8.3 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Initial thoughts

Burst e-liquids come individually packed in cardboard boxes. Inside you will find 60ml Gorilla bottles with nice vibrant labels and pictures of different fruits. The VG/PG mix is 70/30 and this makes the juices compatible with a wide range of atomizers and tanks. We don't recommend using mouth to lung tanks though, because the flavor isn't that strong.

The Nicotine strengths are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg and vapor production is really good. We got best results testing these juices on tanks like the Smoant Battlestar sub ohm, at 40 – 50W. They are also great on rebuildable dripping atomizers with dual Clapton builds.

Sher Burst

Sher Burst is by far one of the best flavors from the Burst e-liquids and our personal favorite. It's a mix of irresistible strawberries mixed with oranges and with a bit of lemon and lime on the exhale. All of these carefully blended in a smooth, almost creamy e-juice that's perfect as an all day vape. The citrusy notes give this flavor that incredible tangy exhale that's almost addictive.

Burst E-liquids flavors

Straw Burst

Anyone who likes strawberries and candy will get a kick from Straw Burst. This taffy-like flavor is incredibly tasty and lingers on the palate for seconds. It literally is a burst of juicy strawberries that makes you take puff after puff without being too overpowering. Another great all day vape and our second favorite from the line.

Berry Burst

Berry Burst feels like a chewy candy packed with sweet and tart berries. The sweetness is just right and has that mild tanginess to it on the exhale. It's almost refreshing and it's the type of liquid that can put a big smile on your face. Blueberry and raspberry are the predominant notes in this one.

Melon Burst

As you can probably guess from the name, Melon Burst has everything to do with melons. And it's not just honeydew and cantaloupe, the main notes you feel on the inhale, but also a splash or watermelon on the exhale. It's a sweet and delicious flavor but doesn't really work as an all day vape.

Mango Burst

Last but not least we have Mango Burst, one of the sweetest juices from the Burst e-liquids lines. It's a sinful combination of ripe, juicy mango and peaches. Tastes very close to an exotic fruit salad and it's the perfect e liquid to enjoy after a nice lunch.

Final words

Burst e-liquids are packed with fruity goodness and have that taffy / candy vibe from the first inhale. They work particularly well on mid-range sub ohm tanks and low profile RDAs. Vapor production and flavor are really good and it's something we recommend to all vapers with a sweet tooth.

Rating of the Burst E Liquids

8.3 Overall score
90 Score
Flavor 90
80 Score
Vapor Production 80
80 Score
Throat hit 80

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