The Blue Moon Hemp CBD vape Juices review

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Blue Moon Hemp CBD e-liquids

Blue Moon Hemp CBD e-liquids are some of the purest we tried. This US company grows its plants in Kentucky under strict organic conditions. They don’t contain any traces of heavy metals and don’t use GMOs. It’s one of the reasons why these products are so widely appreciated throughout the CBD community.

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The Blue Moon Hemp Bottles, and the mix

Blue Moon Hemp CBD e-liquids come packed in 30ml blue tinted glass bottles. The bottles come with dropper caps and really nice labels. These juices can be vaped as they are, mixed with other e-liquids or taken orally. There are a total of five flavors, out of which two have a very pure CBD taste. They are mixed in a 70/30 VPG carrier and contain no nicotine.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Concentrations

Quarter Moon - 100mg

100mg is their lowest and it’s also called Quarter Moon. This is mainly addressed to beginners and people who want to enjoy the full benefits of CBD. The characteristic earthy taste of the plant is not that powerful, even with drippers.

Half Moon - 200mg

200mg or Half Moon is the mainstream line and this offers the perfect balance between flavor and CBD concentration. This is what we recommend to all those who tried Cannabidiol before.

Three Quarter Moon - 300mg

300mg or Three Quarter Moon is more on the earthy side. With 10mg of CBD in each milliliter of e-liquid, this stuff is quite potent. The natural earthy / herbal notes are quite predominant even in the sweeter flavors. It’s something we recommend with entry level sub ohm tanks and mouth to lung vapes.

Full Moon - 400mg

400mg or Full Moon is the highest you can go in the case of Blue Moon Hemp CBD e-liquids. This has 13.3mg of Cannabidiol in each milliliter of juice and the flavor is very intense. We recommend mixing these with other e-liquids. If you want to vape them as such, you’d better use a low output vaporizer or a mouth to lung tank.

Kush total Eclipse - 1000mg

Kush Total Eclipse if the only exception of the line and it comes in a single flavor and 1000mg CBD. This is pretty unbearable to vape by itself so we recommend diluting it in your favorite e-liquid. Concentration is 33.3 mg/ml so just a few drops are enough.

  • Blue Moon Hemp use full plant extract to ensure it has all 60+ Cannabinoids and 400+ Phytonutrients in their oils. For a company that uses only 99.3% pure CBD we recommend our Koi Vape Juice review.

The Blue Moon Hemp Flavors

The flavors you can choose with Blue Moon Hemp CBD e-liquids are Flan, Black Kat, Red Devil and Pure.


Our personal favorite is Flan, which is pretty similar to a creme brulee. It has powerful hits of caramel and vanilla and covers the earthy/leafy taste of the plant so nicely.

Black Kat

Black Kat is another creamy flavor and this time we’re talking about Lucky Charms cereal and milk. The cereal flavor is pretty faint but the milk is sweet and delicious. Both Back Kat and Flan work best on sub ohm vapes.

Red Devil

Red Devil is more on the fruity side and has a mild strawberry flavor, with a citrusy undertones. This one works best in mouth to lung tanks. It’s the flavor we recommend to most beginners.


Last but not least we have Pure, which resembles the natural taste of the hemp plant. This has some added sweetener and it’s best combined with other e-juices.

Rating of the Blue Moon Hemp Cbd E Liquids

8 Overall score
80 Score
Flavor 80
80 Score
Vapor Production 80
80 Score
Price 80

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