What are nicotine salts e-liquids and how to use them

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You are probably familiar with nicotine. It’s a powerful stimulant found in tobacco and it’s what delivers that high we’re all craving for. Until recently, “freebase” nicotine was the only type of nicotine used in vaping but now things are stating to change.


JUUL ecig podsThe JUUL ecig is probably one of the most popular devices for beginners out there. It’s engineered in a way that it delivers an experience remarkably similar to that of smoking and it’s why people love it. But one look at the technical specs and you will soon realize its pods are packed with 5% nic e-juice.

5% Nicotine translates into 50mg, way higher than the average 3 - 6mg we’re used to inhaling on our sub ohm tanks and mods. Not even in under powered mouth to lung devices you can’t go higher than 18 - 20mg without a super harsh throat irritation. So what’s the deal with 50mg and how do they do it with such a nice throat hit?


Well, it’s all about nicotine salts e-liquids and how they work. Nicotine salt is the form in which nicotine is found in all tobacco leaves. It’s not pure like freebase nicotine, because it’s usually mixed together with other organic compounds. And while the tobacco industry has invested a lot in creating the purest freebase nicotine, it turns out this more non reactive version has its advantages.

Nicotine SaltsDue to its chemical structure, nicotine salt provides vapers with better nicotine blood absorption and it comes with a super mild throat hit when inhaled. This means you will feel more satisfied after a single puff and it will ensure a lower consumption of e-liquid overall. It’s the perfect way to get that highly craved nicotine buzz from any discreet vape pen or pod device.

Don’t think about nicotine salts e-liquids like you will be able to see the tiny crystals inside the bottle. They look exactly like any other e-juice on the market, but they come in much higher concentrations. Between 25 - 45mg to be more specific, but as they are becoming more popular we can expect an increase in diversity in the near future.


However, nicotine salts e-liquids are not for everyone. If you’re used to vaping on a high powered mod and on an RDA or sub ohm tank you should stay away. The massive amount of vapor produced by these devices will most likely give the user a nicotine overdose and that’s not something pleasant.

Nicotine salts e-liquids are intended for low powered mouth to lung devices. Pod systems like the JUUL or the Von Erl and even smaller refillable pens like the iCare, the Vaporfi Air 2 Mini or the Wismec MyJet. You could even vape 25mg on an Aspire Nautilus 2 tank, as long as you don’t go over the 12-13W limit.


Mr Salt-E eliquids

If we got you curious here are some alternatives:

Mr. Salt-E offers one of the most delicious and divers line of nicotine salts e-liquids. All their flavors come in 25mg or 45mg nicotine and they are ONLY intended for low output atomizers and pod systems.

The JUUL ecig kit offers 5 different flavors for their 0.7ml pods and all of them are very good. They only come in 50mg nicotine but the experience is absolutely stellar.

For vapers living in Europe, maximum nicotine concentration is 2% so you won't be able to find anything above 20mg unfortunately.

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