Dry Herb and Leaf Vaporizers IconLoose Leaf or herb vaporizers are compact and portable devices designed to be used with different herbal mixtures or with loose leaf tobacco. They are fitted with a heating chamber that works by either conduction or convection and the dry herb mixture is slowly vaporized when the device reaches a specified temperature. There is  a huge difference between the vaporizing process and regular combustion so that the user inhales only the essential oils released by the hers without the thousands of chemicals and carcinogens given off by smoke. Some leaf vaporizer models are powered by an internal battery while others work with butane gas, but this does not affect the end result – smooth, delicious vapor and a very satisfying overall experience.

The list offered here contains our latest reviewed loose leaf vaporizers. For advice on what works for you please contact us trough chat or visit our best dry herb vaporizer page to check out our recommendations.