Herb Vaporizer Reviews

DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer Image

DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer review- The Ultra-portable vape with removable 18350 cell

Top of the line packaging and accessories for the MIQRO As you might expect, the DaVinci MIQRO portable vaporizer comes neatly packed. Our Explorer Collection includes the device itself, a herb grinder as well as a carrying case for the battery. Inside the box there’s also a micro-USB...

Cloudious Hydrology9 vaporizer Image

The Cloudious Hydrology9 vaporizer review - A great water filtered herb vape

What you get with the Hydrology 9 vaporizer The Hydrology9 dry herb vape comes neatly packed. Inside the black presentation box you fill find the device itself, a charging cable and AC adapter, a cleaning kit and the user manual. With the cleaning kit you get a small brush, a longer bru...

MigVapor DRAY Image

MigVapor DRAY review - dry herb vaporizer with precise temperature control

What you get inside the MigVapor DRAY packaging The DRAY portable dry herb vaporizer comes packed in a nice black presentation box. Inside you will find the device itself, a micro-USB cable, a cleaning brush, a pack of cleaning swabs, an extra chamber screen, a pair of tweezers, a pack...

MigVapor Herb-E Image

MigVapor Herb-E review - very affordable and ultra portable dry herb vape

What you get with this dry herb vape The Herb-E vape comes packed in a beautiful transparent box. Inside you will find the marijuana vaporizer itself, a pair of tweezers for the mouthpiece, micro-USB cable,...

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer Image

Arizer Solo 2 review | High end vaporizer with temperature adjustment

This device has a revolutionary way of heating up the dry herb mixture and uses borosilicate glass tubes for the cleanest and most intense flavor. It's perfect for solo use but also works great for shared sessions, especially since it features two loading chambers. ...

Flytlab Lift Vaporizer Image

The Flytlab Lift review. A mid-range dry herb vape with a big personality

What you get with the FLYTLAB Lift vape The FLYTLAB Lift comes packed in a stylish cardboard presentation box. Inside you will find the vaporizer itself, a nice branded wall adapter, a micro-USB charging cable, a cleaning brush, a stirring tool, and a spare glass mouthpiece. You also ge...

Boundless CFV vaporizer review Image

Boundless CFV Convection vape - A review of this exceptional device

The box is full of interesting goodies Inside the cardboard presentation box you will find the Boundless CFV vaporizer, the micro-USB charger and the user manual. You also get five chamber screens, five mouthpiece screens, a brush tool, a packing tool, spare O-rings, a ...

Utillian 721 Vaporizer review Image

Utillian 721 vaporizer review - An affordable convection herb vaporizer

Why is convection heating such a big deal? Convection heating is something we used to see only in high end dry herb personal vaporizers. This technology is expensive to implement because it doesn't work like the more affordable conduction solution and uses an entirely different princip...