Full review of the Kanger Cupti 2

Kanger Cupti 2

The original CUPTI was hands down one of the best all in one vape kits we ever came across in 2016. We still use the two devices we got on a regular basis and they are particularly great when on the go. Running errands? No problem, just put the tiny thing into your pocket and you’re set for up to 5h of good quality puffing.


A CUPTI on steroids

Kangertech Cupti 2 box contents The Kanger Cupti 2 offers most features of original version, but this time it looks like it’s on steroids. The body is hefty, robust and reminds us a little of Wismec’s RX200 series. This mod is powered by two high drain 18650 batteries and  it features an extra 5W compared to its predecessor.

The kit comes packed in the usual Kangertech cardboard box and inside you will find the device itself, a 510 atomizer adapter, a 0.5 Ohm CLOCC SS316L coil, a micro-USB cable and the user manual. It is an all in one vape, which means the tank is integrated in the mod’s body. The tank capacity is 5.0ml and it’s enough for a couple of hours of moderate vaping with the 0.5 Ohm coil. You won’t be able to fully remove the tank, but it’s easy to clean as long as you’re careful when rising it under the tap.

cupti2 in the box

First look inside the box of a Kanger Cupti 2

Features we liked on the CUPTI 2

Kanger Cupti 2The nice thing about the Kanger Cupti 2  is the 510 adapter. It is designed to completely close off the tank and to provide a 510 connector on the top of the mod. This way you can use the device with any tank, RTA or RDA you might have and benefit from the extended battery life.

The Cupti 2 is available in two colors – black and silver – and the build quality on it is great. On the top side there’s the built-in tank with adjustable airflow and on the main side we have the rectangular fire button, the crisp display, the adjustment button and the micro-USB slot. The adjustment button is long and it integrates both plus and minus under the same rectangle.

The micro-USB port is used for making adjustments or updates inside Kanger’s software utility. With the software you can update your device to 100W or edit the temperature curves for different types of coils.

The battery door is spring loaded and located on the base. It has no rattle and inserting the batteries is pretty straight forward.

Please note: You will need an external charger if you don’t already have one.

Kanger cupti 2 airflow

Airflow vent Kanger Cupti 2

Variable wattage & temperature control

The Kanger Cupti 2 is a variable wattage device that goes from 5 – 80W and features temperature Kanger Cupti 2 side viewcontrol. There are predefined settings for Ni, Ti and SS and there’s also a TCR function. Everything works flawlessly and the TC range is between 200-600F. Battery life is almost twice as long as on the original CUPTi, but so is the total weight. It’s not exactly the type of mod to take with but if you plan on vaping at home, the experience is just incredible.

Flavor on the Kanger Cupti 2 is pretty good with these new generation CLOCC SS316L coils and vapor production is more than sufficient. In the end it depends on the type of liquid you’re using. On a side note, the coils can last up to three weeks as long as you use them with max 60/40 e-liquid that’s mostly transparent. High VG juices or dark colored ones tend to clog up the coils in a matter of days. The only cons we had were the hefty size and the fact that there’s still no RBA base for this device.

cupti 2 front view

Different angles on this beauty – Kangertech Cupti 2