Magic Flight Launch Box Dry Herb Vaporizer full review

Magic Flight Launch Box Dry Herb Vaporizer

We tested dozens of dry herb vaporizers in the past two years, but the Magic Flight Launch Box was by far the greatest surprise. At first glance you wouldn’t even guess it’s a device use for vaping. It looks like a handcrafted small wooden box with a mesh trench inside and an acrylic top. It doesn’t have any internal boards or components nor can you find a single button on careful examination. However, once you fill the chamber with dry herb and take a draw the flavor you get off it is just astonishing.


magic flight launch box topThe design of the Magic Flight Launch Box is pretty unique. The heating chamber is actually a metallic mesh that works exactly like the filament of a light bulb. When you slide the battery in and press it to make contact is closes the circuit and instantly heats up. There are no advanced settings, just a learning curve and a small and compact dry herb vaporizer that does an excellent job.

It comes packed inside a lovely cardboard gift box and inside you will find the device itself, two rechargeable battery with protective caps, a very well written user manual, a battery charger, a cleaning brush, and a glass mouthpiece. The Magic Flight Launch Box benefits from lifetime functional warranty and it’s handcrafted in San Diego, USA.


magic flight boxWe recommend reading the manual first to understand the working principle and get the best experience every time. In order to start using the Magic Flight Launch Box you will need to finely grind your dry herb material. Then slide the acrylic top, slide the mouthpiece, fill the chamber right to the edges, close the cover and insert the battery. After firmly pressing for contact wait a couple of seconds and when you see the vapor forming it’s time to inhale.

The trick with this particular dry herb vaporizer is to take slow draws and to shake it thoroughly in between. This helps the ground material get distributed evenly inside the chamber and avoid burning. Just make sure you don’t drop the box or damage any of the components.

If you carefully follow the instruction, you’re in for a big surprise. The Magic Flight Launch Box offers some of the best flavor in its category. Honestly, it even surpasses way more expensive dry herb vaporizers – a thing which we didn’t expect. So simple, yet so effective and unique.


The only downside with this particular vaporizer is battery life. You can probably get away with two or three full chambers on a single charge, but that’s about it. The good news is that you can buy additional batteries, but always remember to keep their caps on when no using them.magic flight bottom text

In terms of performance the Magic Flight Launch Box is a really cool small form factor dry herb vaporizer built for flavor. Vapor production is pretty good too but it requires a learning curve to master its full potential. The small price, 10-year warranty and simple working principle make this device one of the best in our list. It’s great for on the go use, but we particularly loved it indoors.