V4L Auto Vapor Zeus Kit full review

V4L Auto Vapor Zeus

Vapor 4 Life have some of the best e-cigars kits we’ve tried so far, but besides these they also sell a wide variety of electronic cigarettes, mods and vape pens. I’ve recently stumbled upon one of their products called V4L Auto Vapor Zeus Kit and it totally impressed me. It has a simple and elegant design, but the beauty of this kit is that is automatically activated each time you take a puff. But don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing like those old school e-cigs. The Auto Vapor Zeus works flawlessly every single time, it has refillable cartomizers and it’s virtually leak free.



V4L Auto Vapor Zeus ecigMany people who make the switch to the ecig usually prefer something similar in shape and easy to use. They don’t want to fiddle around with adjusting voltage, temperature or wattage. A plug and play device that delivers a satisfying vape experience is all they need and the V4L Auto Vapor Zeus Kit does exactly that. You’ll be surprised by the amount of positive reviews it gets, and trust me it’s for a very good reason.



The V4L Auto Vapor Zeus Kit is packed in a lovely cardboard gift box and it comes with everything you might need for a simple yet incredible vape experience. Besides the pen shaped battery you get two refillable cartomizers, a micro-USB charging cable, a wall adapter and the user manual. You can also throw in a 30ml e-liquid bottle for only $10, and trust me their juices are very delicious. Berry Splash is my favorite.



V4L Auto Vapor Zeus kitThis particular battery activates itself automatically each time you draw from the mouthpiece and the standard version is rated at 650mAh. When purchasing a kit you can swap the battery for a bigger one and I would recommend the 1300mAh version. This will last you a full day; even more if you take a puff once every few minutes. The standard battery takes no more than 2h to recharge via the provided wall adapter and the 1300mAh battery around 5h.

The battery connector is not your standard 510, so you won’t be able to use other small clearomizers with it. However, I honestly don’t think you’ll ever want to. Vapor quality and quantity are really outstanding for a device this small and it seems that everything has been engineered for maximum efficiency. Even as a convinced sub ohm / box mod user I’m more than impressed with the vapor quality on the V4L Auto Vapor Zeus Kit. A truly authentic mouth to lung type of kit with just the right amount of throat hit and battery life for hours.

The smilomizers are easy to refill and the whole process should take around 2 minutes. You need to slowly pour e-liquid and allow for it to properly get absorbed. You can even buy pre-filled cartomizers if you find this too complicated or time consuming. For me it was very relaxing, almost therapeutic especially since I knew there was a delicious reward waiting for me.



The V4L Auto Vapor Zeus Kit truly is an outstanding product. I had no idea vape pen devices this smallV4L Auto Vapor Zeus batteries could deliver such a perfect experience. Everything from the vapor quality to the throat hit is flawless and it’s the type of kit I would definitely recommend to all beginners. It’s also ideal for vapers above 45-50 years due to the simplicity of the design and the ease of use. The perfect gift for a family member or a loved one. There is a perfect reason why we added the Zeus to our top ranked vape pens page. It’s just perfect and once you learn to love it you will not want another vape pen.