Our Review On Beetle Juice Vapors E-liquids

Beetle Juice Vapors E-liquids

When it comes to premium e-liquids $17.95 for 35ml is pretty hard to beat, especially if we’re talking about some delicious dessert flavors, and Beetle Juice Vapors have some really awesome mixes in their line. This is a California based US company that sells its juices in 35ml unicorn type plastic bottles and some of these flavors are definitely worth the price.

Beetle Juice Vapors eliquidsBeetle Juice Vapors include a total of five different e-liquids, all of them having roughly the same type of label (with a beetle logo on the front) but in different colors. These are high VG juice, with a VG/PG ratio of 80/20 and they are available in four different nicotine concentrations 0, 3, 6, and 12mg. The unicorn bottles are easy to use and as a matter of fact I enjoy using them especially in the case of drippers.

One of the first juices we are going to talk about is called Bedrock and this is a great milk and cereal vape with a fresh strawberry exhale. There’s some tartness from the strawberry (and the more I vape on it the more I feel other various berry notes as well) that’s complemented with the milky undertones and the crisp cereal. It’s something that I would vape in the morning or late at night and it feels so smooth on my Goon RDA. They are definitely using some good nicotine because you can barely feel it at 3mg (55 Watts) and there’s no harshness on your throat whatsoever.

Next in line we have God’s Nectar, and if you’re a peach ring lover like me you’re clearly love it. It’s sugary sweet type of vape where the peach rings are under the spotlight. It’s like candy on the inhale and once you exhale you do get a bit of mild tartness with a strong fruity flavor. It’s not juicy, fresh or natural tasting but if you ever had peach rings that’s exactly what this e-juice tastes like.

Then we have Blueberry Hills, which is probably my favorite from this line and it’s like a very strong blueberry flavor that combines with a flaky / buttery pastry on the exhale. It’s a deliciously sweet and mildly tart all day vape where both flavors complement each other and the clouds smell so good. Because these juices come with 80% VG the amount of vapor they produce is pretty outstanding and if you’re using dual Claptons or anything around 0.3 – 0.4 Ohms get ready to fill the room with fog in a matter of seconds.Beetle Juice Vapors Bedrock e-liquid

Riddler is the ideal Beetle Juice Vapors for all you fruit lovers out there, especially if you fancy green apples. It combines juicy pears, sour apples and a mix of berries for the perfect balance between sweetness, tartness and freshness. A truly remarkable experience for the palate and a great all day vape that’s refreshing and unique.

Last but not least we have Now & Later, which is another type of candy vape with delicious tones of pomegranate, cherry and tart berries. Tart and flavorful on the inhale, it makes the transition towards a lovely sweet finish on the exhale and it’s something I absolutely love on my Tsunami RDA at around 45W.