Our Review On The Smok TFV4 Tank

Smok TFV4 Tank

I know you’ve used to seeing big sub-ohm tanks by now, but the thing I’m going to talk about today is massive. In fact it’s one of the biggest accessories I’ve ever tested and it’s definitely intended for all you cloud chasers out there. If you’re a beginner or intermediate vaper this device is clearly not the one for you because to get the best out of it you will need at least an 100-150W mod and some experience with vaping on these sorts of wattages. Also the coil heads are huge in comparison with everything I’ve seen before and they can go through e-liquid like a warm knife through butter.

Smok TFV4 tank boxThe Smok TFV4 tank has been released to the market only a few weeks ago and it’s already one of the hottest selling items in most vape shops. It the only tank that I know of which comes with a triple coil head and also the only one that comes with a quad coil alternative. It’s built to produce clouds like a locomotive and it needs a lot of power to reach the desired results.

The device comes packed in a nice cardboard box and inside you will find the fully assembled Smok TFV4 fitted with the triple coil head inside, an extra quad coil head, a quality control card/warning, a bag of organic cotton, a user’s manual, an extra seal and two O-rings, a screwdriver, two vape bands, an extra Pyrex tube, an RBA base (with a preinstalled coil), two extra coils and an O-ring for the RBA. So, pretty much everything required to use this baby to the max and also one of the most complete packages I’ve seen since the Subtank Mini.

As I mentioned before, this tank is huge and once you take it out of the box you realize it has a diameter of 24.5mm and a total height of Smok TFV4 tank coils73.5mm. Because of the big diameter it’s not going to look good on a wide variety of 22-23mm depth mods but on bulkier mods it’s going to look nice and flush. The build quality and materials used are top notch and everything fits in place perfectly. I sure enjoy seeing the great number of spares inside the box and that’s always a thumbs up in my book.

The Smok TFV4 tank has a capacity of 5ml of e-liquid and it comes with a dual airflow mechanism. The main one is located on the base and consist of four slots which you can gradually close or open (all of them at the same time). The secondary airflow adjustment mechanism is located on the drip tip and it also consists of four slots. The innovation is that it’s made of an outer tube and an inner tube, separated by a heat shield and you have warm vapor coming from the inner tube and cold air from the outer tube at the same time.

Another great thing about the Smok TFV4 is that it’s a top filling tank and you can simply pull the hinged top cap to the side until it opens and you have access to the filling slot cut into the silicone seal. The T3 triple coil has three juice slots on the side and three vertical coils inside, each one located inside a separate tube. They can be used with wattages anywhere between 40W and 130W and the vapor production is absolutely incredible. And even more incredible is the vapor production on the T4 coil, the one that comes with a total of sixteen juice feeding slots and four coils and can go as high as 140W.

Smok TFV4 tank topfill The RBA base is also bigger than the one on the Subtank for instance and it’s very easy to rebuild. I also noticed a secondary type of RBA on the Smok website with dual coils, but I didn’t order it just yet.

In terms of performance, the Smok TFV4 is unlike any other tank I’ve seen or tested before. The amount of vapor this bad boy can produce is outstanding and the flavor is pretty great as well. The only downside to it is that it went through 5ml of e-liquid in under 30 minutes but to be fair I did push it hard and vaped at over 70W.

The ideal match for this tank would be X Cube II, Smok’s solid 160W performer but it would also work great on any mod that’s at least 25mm in depth and can go over 60W. It’s the perfect tool for cloud chasers that are tired of constantly having to drip.