Our Review On The Eleaf Lyche Notch Coil Tank

Eleaf Lyche Notch Coil Tank

Today we are going to talk about a brand new budget style tank that shares a lot of things with the Cubis from Joyetech. It’s called the Eleaf Lyche and it comes with pre-built Stainless Steel NotchCoils as well as the option for an RBA base (mine was included). It is available in two colors – silver and black – and a very unique feature is the two lime green colored O-rings that seal the tank. From a distance it might look a bit like a Genesis style atty but in reality it’s one of those top fill, top airflow cup designs.

Eleaf Lyche tank box contents The Eleaf Lyche comes packed in a white and green box and inside you will find the tank itself, a user’s manual, a spare NotchCoil, spare O-rings and an RBA deck + Allen Key if you bought the version with the RBA section. The tank feels very solid and it’s made from top quality stainless steel and Pyrex glass. It has a diameter of 22mm and a total height of 60mm from top to bottom. It comes with a very cool stainless steel drip tip with Delrin on the inside but you can also use it with any other 510 mouthpiece you might enjoy.

The design is very similar to that of the Cubis, with coil being screwed to the top cap and the base acting as a cup for the e-liquid. The airflow adjustment mechanism is located also on the top and it’s very smooth and airy. The Eleaf Lyche comes with two types of coils – the dual coil SS version rated at 0.25 Ohms and the SS NotchCoil rated also for 0.25 Ohms and the beauty is that you can use these heads in variable wattage mode, bypass mode and even temperature control mode for a superior experience.

The NotchCoils are slightly different than the ones on the Cuboid Mini but they do deliver spectacular flavor and vapor production considering the price. The tank doesn’t flood as often as the Cubis but there is still some spitback after you freshly refill it or leave it on the side for a longer period of time. I would definitely go for the NotchCoils when buying 5pack spares but I wouldn’t recommend the RBA section if you’re not very good with making your own coils or have big hands. The thing is so tiny and you can’t put it on anything solid when building so it’s a real pain to get the wire and cotton through the posts.Eleaf Lyche coil

One novelty about the Eleaf Lyche is that you can refill it through a dedicated port in the top section that’s just below the airflow adjustment. This is perfect for plastic bottles with needle tops or with unicorn bottles, however if your e-liquid comes with a dropper then the ideal way to refill is to unscrew the whole top cap off. The tank can hold a maximum of 4ml of e-juice but I wouldn’t recommend using something higher than 70% VG if you plan on using it over 40W.

My overall experience with the Eleaf Lyche has been good and I’m glad it solved some of the problems of the Cubis like the constant flooding . On the other hand I did get spitback a few times and at 60W it’s not something pleasant. I really loved the NotchCoils and the flavor they give, especially at high wattages. It’s a tank that won’t leak and which is perfect for beginners or intermediate vapers looking to boost up the power and lower the resistance.