Our Review On The Wismec Bambino RDA

Wismec Bambino RDA

Small drippers are not only a good option to put on top of a minimalistic mechanical or electronic mod, but they also deliver flavor like no other atomizer out there. And while in this case the Derringer is still a great option for many of you, I just ran across a device that does everything just a bit better. It’s called the Wismec Bambino RDA and it’s a very simple and elegant rebuildable dripping atomizer that only measures 19mm in height with the drip tip included. It also has a price tag of just under $25 so it’s definitely an authentic accessory worth checking out especially if you’re on a budget.

Wismec Bambino RDA silverThe Wismec Bambino RDA comes packed in a transparent hard plastic box and inside you will find the atomizer itself and a bag of spare post screws. So, unfortunately, you’re not getting any small screwdriver or extra O-rings with this device but at the same time the design is simple enough that it doesn’t involve a lot of parts. Essentially you have the top cap and drip tip made from the same piece of stainless steel, the tube and the base.

One great thing about this particular atomizer is the way the airflow adjustment system is designed, so it prevents the e-juice from leaking via the lip that surrounds the posts. Instead of being able to see your coils directly through the air holes, on the Wismec Bambino RDA there’s a small gap between the top cap and deck which allow for a taller lip design that doesn’t block the airflow. The top cap connects with the tube via one thin O-ring, while the base is sealed with two thicker O-rings. Everything sits in place just perfectly and I didn’t encounter any design flaws with this small RDA.Wismec Bambino RDA dissembled

The Wismec Bambino RDA features a three post design, with the positive pin being higher than the two negative ones. Also you only get a hole for the wire through the positive post, as on the negative posts you will need to pass the Kanthal/Nichrome through under the screw heads (just like on an RTA). However, the screw heads are very generous in comparison to other RDAs and they hold the wire pretty snug. You will need a small flat head screwdriver to help you mount the coils, but everything is done with great ease, even if you’re a beginner.

Wismec Bambino RDA bottom viewUnlike the Derringer, you don’t get a single coil option with the Bambino, so it’s a dual coil only kind of device. It does get pretty hot after a few continuous puffs but the great thing is that the top cap also acts as a 510 adapter for your favorite drip tip (however, some drip tips tend to look kind of weird on such a small RDA).

When it comes to vapor production this is not something built for the cloud chaser, delivering steam just like your regular sub ohm tank. However, in terms of flavor it absolutely shines, mostly due to the small chamber and minimalistic design. It’s very easy to build and it looks great on any type of mechanical mod or small APV. It measure 22mm in diameter and considering its price, the Wismec Bambino RDA is a definite best buy in this category.