Our Review On The Vaporfi vBit RDA

Vaporfi vBit RDA

I was really looking forward on writing this review because I got the Vaporfi vBit RDA four days ago and I’ve been playing with it ever since. This is the company’s second rebuildable dripping atomizer and it was released after the success of the Bolt RDA. But unlike the Bolt, this new model only comes with two posts to make coil building a lot easier however it does come with the same massive well for a greater puff count.

Vaporfi vBit RDA accessories The Vaporfi vBit RDA comes packed in a white & green cardboard box and inside you are going to find the fully assembled dripper, a small screwdriver, a user’s manual, a bag of organic cotton and some Kanthal. So, right from the start it comes packed with everything needed to get this thing pumping out clouds, and this is particularly great for everyone making the transition from a standard tank. People don’t usually have organic cotton or Kanthal wire lying around the house so it makes a great starter kit on rebuildables.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Vaporfi vBit RDA is the quality of materials and its sturdiness. It’s made from really thick stainless steel and it looks like it’s going to last for 100 years or so. Also the two O-rings that seal the cap to the base are doing an excellent job and it’s going to be quite hard to pull this thing apart without it being screwed to your mod. It comes with an adjustable airflow mechanism that’s quite similar to the one found on other more popular RDAs. It’s made of two air slots (one on each side) that can be left wide open or gradually covered via twisting the top cap.

However, you have to keep in mind that this particular device was built for flavor, so the amount of airflow you’ll get is not going to match the one on a Mutation for instance, but this doesn’t make it an unworthy opponent to other RDAs. A great thing about this particular model is that the cap can be swapped with the one from other drippers and this is how you can actually get even more airflow and a wide bore drip tip.

The Vaporfi vBit RDA is made of three parts: the base – which comes with an adjustable pin at the bottom (therefore making it compatible Vaporfi vBit RDA dissembledwith any mod, even hybrids) and a massive juice well and two posts on the deck. The two posts are intended for single or dual coil builds and they are fitted with thumb screws. One thing to keep in mind is that the holes in the posts are quite small so you won’t be able to make dual coil builds with low gauge Kanthal wire ( I would recommend going for 24 and higher).

Then we have the cap, that’s also very solid and made from thick stainless steel, which comes with the adjustable airflow mechanism and the 510 stainless steel drip tip. If you chain vape on the vBit, the drip tip is going to get a bit warm, but you can replace it with your personal favorite.

Building and mounting the coils on the Vaporfi vBit RDA is fairly simple and the big juice well can keep up to 4ml of e-liquid in one go (from my estimates). The base is ceramic so it’s going to be able to keep up with the high temperatures and in terms of performance I had no problems using this dripper. Flavor is delicious, the vapor is more than enough and the build quality is top notch. I would recommend this model to intermediate vapers who want to experiment with an RDA and building their own coils, as well as to other vapers who want a good quality, authentic device at a reasonable price.