Our Review On The Tsunami RDA by Geek Vape

Tsunami RDA by Geek Vape

We didn’t talk about so many rebuildable dripping atomizers around here but I feel this is going to change in the next months. I was a fan of the Velocity RDA for quite some time now, and I did ‘play’ with a Kennedy a couple of weeks ago but four days ago my Tsunami RDA arrived in the mail and it’s the perfect combination between the two. In fact it has the Kennedy RDA style body, an improved Velocity deck and a Mutation style drip tip out of the box.

Tsunami RDA silver I still love the Griffin RTA from Geek Vape and I just know these guys would do a great job with a rebuildable dripping atomizer – and I wasn’t at all disappointed. The Tsunami RDA comes packed in black cardboard box and inside you will find the atomizer itself, two extra drip tips, a 510 drip tip adapter, an Allen key, four spare post screws and five spare O-rings.

It measures 22mm in diameter and has a height of about 30mm (without the mouthpiece) so it’s quite a tall atty in comparison with other products I tested. This is because it boasts a massive juice well and a velocity style building deck with massive wire holes. It looks just like a Kennedy RDA with the airflow slots in the base but the posts make all the difference. When I fiddled with the Kennedy I didn’t like the fact that it’s prone to leaking every time you pour a little more juice directly through the mouthpiece. This was because of that central screw that splashes the liquid all around the atty, however with the new Velocity style design and only two posts this doesn’t happen anymore.Tsunami RDA deck

The Tsunami RDA is one very airy atomizer and it has one of the most generous airflows I experienced so far. When the air hits the coils from underneath it makes the flavor a bit more intense, especially if you’re using some Claptons. It can be used in either single or dual coil mode (because of the way the airflow mechanism was designed) and due to the velocity style deck it’s very easy to build on.

One thing I particularly love about this atomizer are the grub screws, which have been crafted from high quality SS316 stainless steel and underwent Nitrogen surface treatment to make them virtually indestructible. I always hated stripping my screws, especially those that you can’t easily find at your local hardware store so this is a big thumbs up. Also the post holes on the Tsunami RDA measure 2.1 x 3.0mm so the pretty much take anything you throw at them.

I used two Claptons for a total resistance of 0.32 Ohms and mounted the atty on top of my Sigelei 213 at 60W. The thing I can tell you is that the whole experience was sublime in terms of vapor production and flavor. Monster airflow, no leaking and really intense aroma on some of these brand new liquids I tested. The only small con is the limited space on the deck for the cotton wicks, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker.