SvoeMesto Kayfun V5 RTA review

SvoeMesto Kayfun V5 RTA

When it comes to flavor, Kayfuns have always been some of the best mouth to lung rebuildable tank atomizers on the market, but they often lacked versatility and they were quite difficult to build. It still takes me over 10 minutes to mount and wick a coil on my old Kayfun Lite Plus (I can do it in less than 5 minutes on the Griffin for instance) but for me tobaccos don’t taste better on any other atomizer. However, it’s with the Kayfun 4 and the Kayfun 3 Mini that SvoeMesto greatly improved the design of their tanks and I have to say with great admiration that their latest RTA is by far on the best out there.

The SvoeMesto Kayfun V5 is one of the most versatile RTAs I’ve tested so far and it has quickly become one of my favorites. You can use it in mouth to lung mode with the first airflow setting and a resistance of 1.1 – 1.4 Ohms, but you can also mount a 3mm / 0.6 Ohm Clapton on it and vape it at 25-30W with the airflow wide open. A true flavor atomizer that delivers a stellar experience and it’s so easy to build and refill.


SvoeMesto Kayfun V5 RTA packaging The Kayfun V5 comes packed in a rectangular black box and inside you will find two smaller boxes, one with the fully assembled atty (with the stainless steel tube) and the other one with the replacement Quartz glass tank, a kit of spares and the user manual. It’s manufactured from top quality 316L stainless steel and the machining on it is just flawless. Everything from the edges of the atomizer to the threads is outstanding and feels incredibly solid and well built. I really love how it looks with the stainless steel tube (with the SvoeMesto logo engraved on the front) and this way you never have to worry about cracking the glass if it accidentally fells out of your pocket or rolls off the desk.


It is a 22mm / 4ml rebuildable tank atomizer with a convenient top fill system, a great juice flow control mechanism and adjustable airflow (4 settings) on the base. It comes with a POM drip tip (to help protect your lips from the heat generated in sub ohm mode) that feels very comfortable and natural. The build deck is very generous and by far one of the easiest to build on from all the Kayfun series (and to be fair one of the best I’ve seen so far on any atomizer of this type). Due to the metallic legs on the sides of each post it becomes very easy to mount any type of coil and wire and you can also use Clapton or Twisted.SvoeMesto Kayfun V5 RTA

Wicking the Kayfun V5 is also easy and you just need to cut the cotton down to the first O-ring and then put both ends into the designated channels. By making a loop styled motion when inserting the wick you ensure a saturation buffer for the cotton and this way you greatly decrease the chances of getting dry hits. To refill the tank you simply need to make sure the juice flow control is closed (the atty is screwed to the deck perfectly) and then you simply take off the top cap and pour in your e-liquid. After you assemble the top cap just use the SvoeMesto as reference and unscrew the glass/stainless steel tube two full turns (for 50/50 or 60/40 juices 1.5 turns and for 80/20, 90/10 juices 2.5 – 3 turns max).


SvoeMesto Kayfun V5 RTA side viewIn terms of performance, the Kayfun V5 is like the crown jewel of my collection and one of the best atomizers in terms of flavor and vaping experience. It doesn’t produce huge clouds (like a Griffin for instance) but the flavor and the versatility are outstanding. You can vape any type of juice with it, you can use it between 10 – 40W (even more), it’s very easy to build and to wick (it also has a great tolerance – meaning you can even wick it poorly and it will still vape), it doesn’t leak if you wick it properly, it doesn’t give dry hits and you can also use it in temperature control.

The only downsids to it is that it doesn’t have that tight draw mouth to lung vapers (and especially the Kayfun enthusiasts) were used to without the MTL kit (which is sold separately for around $10) and the above $100 price tag. However, to me it’s a product that’s totally worth the price and if you use it with the stainless steel tube it’s going to last for years.

PS: to greatly improve the life of your O-rings and to always have a smooth experience with the tank make sure to lube all of these seals with a bit of e-liquid when assembling the Kayfun V5 for the first time.