Full review of the Recoil Rebel RDA by Grimm Green

Recoil Rebel RDA

The first collaboration between Grimm Green and OhmBoyOC was very productive so you can only imagine our excitement when we heard about the Recoil Rebel RDA. This cloud chasing bad boy follows its brother’s recipe for success and it’s pretty impressive.

With a lot more airflow than the original Recoil RDA, this dripper also comes with an improved deck and building on it is super easy. It’s the ideal toy for anyone obsessed about clouds and it’s also great for flavor. This particular atty is available in three different colors – gold, Stainless Steel and black – with black being our personal favorite.


The Recoil Rebel RDA comes packed in a lovely black and red cardboard presentation box. Inside you will find the fully assembled atty, a Snake Bite top cap and barrel, a bag of spares and an ULTEM sleeve. The ULTEM sleeve is a very nice adapter that makes your RDA virtually leak proof. It’s intended to fit inside the juice well after you have your coils and cotton mounted.


Recoil Rebel RDA deckThe RDA is made from perfectly machined 304 stainless steel, has a good amount of weight to it and a diameter of 25mm. The build deck measures 24mm so there’s plenty of room for any type of build and the insulators are made from PEEK.

The simple yet very elegant design of the Recoil Rebel RDA makes it ideal for any type of vaper from beginners to experienced. It’s made of three individual parts – the base and build deck, the AFC barrel and the top cap with an included Delrin mouthpiece. On the base you get a unique serial number and the 510 pin is made from gold plated brass for enhanced conductivity.

The atty comes with two top caps out of the box. The quad AFC cap is intended for big clouds while the 3mm dual “Snake Bites” are far better in terms of flavor. If you prefer a looser draw and higher watts then it’s better to stick with the quad AFC. The vapor is cool and smooth and the Delrin mouthpiece never gets too hot. Unfortunately it’s not a standard 810 drip tip that you can customize but it does a pretty good job.

Sliding the coils through the staggered pots is almost child’s play and these flat head screws have a very strong grip. It’s super easy to mount any type of build and the juice well is quite generous. As a matter of fact this has quickly become one of our favorite drippers to date and it’s all because of this beautiful design and efficiency.


In terms of performance the Recoil Rebel RDA is hands down one of the best atties we tried in 2017. It’s definitely an improvement over the original version but it keeps all the elements that made it so special. If you’re looking for big clouds and flavor do give this fantastic dripper a try.