Recoil Performance RDA review

Recoil Performance RDA

When Grimm Green and Ohm Boy team up to design a rebuildable dripping atomizer, you just know it’s going to be awesome. The Recoil Performance RDA is one of the best crafted atties I got the chance to test this year and by far one of my personal favorites. The machining on this device is stellar and it comes with two different caps for flavor and for clouds.


Recoil Performance RDA boxThe Recoil Performance RDA is packed a beautiful cardboard gif box and inside you will find the fully assembled atty, the spare Flavor Bro cap and a bag of goodies with O-rings and post screws. It is available in five different colors and all of them look amazing, especially the blue one.



The atomizer feels very solid and it’s incredibly well built with thick stainless steel tube walls and great threads on the posts. It measures 24mm in diameter, it has a 15mm wide Delrin drip tip and the 510 pin is made from gold plated brass.

The two caps that come with this particular RDA serve different purposes. First we have the Clouds Bro cap which has two 3.0mm holes on each side and is a great at chucking vapor. Then we have the Flavor Bro cap, which has 2.5mm holes on each side and this is intended more for flavor chasers. To be honest, I didn’t notice such a massive difference between the two in terms of flavor, but the Clouds Bro cap is definitely my favorite.


One novelty about the Recoil Performance RDA is the fact that the holes are drilled at an angle so that Recoil Performance RDA redthe air hits the coils at just the right spot. This accounts for really intense flavor and big clouds with a bit of restrictiveness even when using the Clouds Bro cap. The post design is also great with higher negatives and lower positives. The holes measure 2.5mm so you can easily fit Claptons through there, however, the build deck is not as wide as I would like to be for complex builds.

On the other hand the juice well is very generous and considering the shape of the barrel holes you won’t have any trouble with leaking. The insulators are made from PEEK and the whole atomizer is machined from 304 stainless steel with 2mm thick tubes. There’s a big Recoil logo on the stainless steel tubes and the serial number as well as a Grimm hashtag engraved on the base.


Considering its price tag, the Recoil Performance RDA is a great authentic atomizer that’s built for flavor and clouds. The build quality on it is fantastic, with solid tubes and a very intuitive design. The O-rings, screws and threads are super smooth and I didn’t have any issues with the atty. It does tend to get hot at higher wattages, especially if you like to chain vape but the Delrin insulator does a nice job at protecting your lips. The posts and screws make it easy to install simple builds but with Claptons you will struggle a bit to get the cotton into place.