Innokin Axiom RTA tank review

Innokin Axiom RTA Tank

A few years ago Innokin launched their first ever rebuildable atomizer – called the VF RDA – but unfortunately even though it came with a revolutionary deck replacement system, it didn’t become popular so the company had to discontinue the item. However, they didn’t give up on the whole rebuildable atomizer project dreams completely so today I have for you the Innokin Axiom RTA Tank, one of their latest products to hit the market, which was designed to match the brand new Disrupter 75W mod (which I will review in the near future).

Innokin Axiom RTA Tank packaging The Innokin Axiom RTA is available in two different colors – black and stainless steel – and it comes packed in a small cardboard box with a transparent plastic film just over the atomizer. Inside you will find the tank itself fitted with a pre-built 0.5 Ohm coil inside, an RBA section, a spare Pyrex glass tube, a bag of goodies (O-rings and screws) as well as a user manual. The great thing is that a spare 5-pack of pre-built atomizer heads for this RTA will set you back little under $9 so it’s a good idea to also include it in your order if you don’t plan on building so many coils yourself on the RBA section.

The tank might look a bit similar to the Moonshot from Sigelei on first glance (maybe due to the style of drip tip) but once you take it for close inspection you can see it’s quite different. It’s a low profile 22mm RTA that’s just perfect for vapers who enjoy small yet efficient atomizers and it’s the ideal toy to put on top of an iStick Pico for instance. It consists of five individual parts – the top cap with the wide bore delrin drip tip which is non-removable, but it does take an extra 510 mouthpiece on top, the stainless steel tank body, Pyrex glass tube (which is more of a ring), the coil/RBA section, and the base – and the machining on it it’s one of the best I’ve seen lately. The tank feels very solid, it’s incredibly well built and the RBA section is top notch in terms of threading and post design (despite not being a velocity style deck).

The Innokin Axiom RTA comes with a very neat looking pre-built coil that has big juice ports and two horizontal coils on the inside. You can build on it while it’s connected to the base so that’s a big thumbs up and you could virtually fit any type of coil inside as long as you’re wrapping around a 2.5mm drill bit. The total capacity of the tank is 3.5ml, which is more than decent for today’s standards and the beauty of it is that you can fill it from the top. The glass section is quite tiny (kind of resembles a wedding ring) and this is also great to protect the tank in case of impacts or mechanical shocks – with still being able to see when you’re about to run out of juice. It looks a bit like a Genesis style atty –with the SS body on the top and small glass just under it –  but it’s certainly not.Innokin Axiom RTA Tank dissembled

In terms of performance I’ve tested the Innokin Axiom RTA with both the pre-built coil and the RBA section on the H-Priv mod and with some delicious Wildfire from Propaganda E-liquid. The pre-built 0.5 Ohm coils do a good job in terms of flavor and vapor and they are great for any beginner but it’s the RBA section that really shines on this atomizer. If you use a dual Clapton (you do get a single coil adapter) and wick it properly then prepare to be amazed by the flavor and vapor as this tiny tank slowly made its way to my top ten favorites. You get great value for the price and I didn’t seem to find any functional cons with it whatsoever.