Our Review On The Griffin RTA by Geek Vape

Griffin RTA by Geek Vape

I think I just found my new favorite rebuildable tank atomizer and it’s a product that impressed me from the first time I opened the packaging. It’s called the Griffin RTA by Geek Vape and it’s a 3.5ml / 22mm cloud monster with a Velocity style building deck. It is available in two colors – black and stainless steel – and looks so nice on any powerful mod. Black is my personal favorite and it goes so well with that white heraldic lion engraved on the chimney.

Griffin RTA packaging The Griffin RTA is a toy for intermediate to advanced vapers who enjoy a solid direct lung hit with really intense flavor and outstanding vapor production. So if you’re a beginner I would recommend going for something with replaceable atomizer heads and make the transition to an RTA once you’re handling the vapor without feeling overwhelmed at higher wattages. Also this is a device that requires coil building and wicking so make sure you have all the tools, wire and cotton ready because it doesn’t come with anything build-wise by default.

As a matter of fact the Griffin RTA comes packed in transparent hard plastic box, which black and orange artwork and inside you will find the device itself, a spare Pyrex glass tube, and a bag of goodies which includes spare O-rings, spare Allen screws,  a mini Allen key, and a 510 drip tip adapter. It’s made from solid stainless steel and the materials used as well as the machining are top notch. Everything screws and fits together perfectly and it just comes to show how much the companies have advanced in these last few years.

The atomizer is pretty solid and measures about 49mm in height and 22mm in diameter. It is comprised of three main parts – the base and deck, the tube and chimney and the top cap, but these can also be dissembled into smaller parts when cleaning it thoroughly. The base has an adjustable airflow ring as well as an adjustable juice flow mechanism and the build deck consists of two ‘Velocity style’ posts. A peek insulator stand between the positive and negative posts and they both have generous holes for the wires (two on each post).Griffin RTA silver

The build deck on the Griffin RTA is pretty generous and measures around 16mm in diameter so mounting your coils is done with great ease. The nice thing about this design and the bigger chimney is that you can also use complex builds like 3mm Claptons besides standard Kanthal wire. The positive pin is adjustable in order to work with any mod and gold plated to ensure a stellar electric conductivity.

The RTA is filled by unscrewing the top cap, where you have access to the extremely generous ports. The drip tip that comes with the device is made from Delrin and it’s a bit wider than a standard 510 mouthpiece, but if you decide you want to use your own then you have the provided adapter inside the goodie bag.

Griffin RTA build deckBuilding on the Griffin RTA is quite easy but you need to be careful with the wicking. The cotton ends need to go right inside the guide ring surrounding the juice channels without going pass the lip. This ensures great wicking even at high wattages and saves you from the unpleasant experience of getting dry hits.

Both vapor production and flavor are super intense on the Griffin RTA and this is the main reason I’ve been using this bad boy for the last month. You can fill the office with fog in around 10 seconds and it wicks great even with higher VG concentration juices. After you learn to wick it properly (which takes some practice) this atomizer is going to become your best huge-cloud producing buddy.