The Goon RDA review

Goon RDA

For many months the Velocity has been my to go rebuildable dripping atomizer due to the ingenious deck design, the ease of building on it, the vapor production and flavor but I just stumbled upon a different style of atty that will probably become the next game changer. It’s called the Goon RDA and it’s made by 528 Custom in collaboration with renowned coil architect @blueeyedgoon83, famous for his outstanding builds.

Goon RDA gold The great thing about the Goon RDA is that it’s an atty specifically designed for the vaping veteran, but it can also be used by people who just started building their own coils. It can work in both single and dual coil mode (due to the airflow adjustment mechanism) but it has a diameter of 24mm, which requires a specific type of mod. You won’t be able to use this on your 22-23mm mods like the iSticks or Vparks, but instead you will need something thicker like a Reuleaux RX200 or an IPV5 for the atty to look right on top of it.

The Goon RDA comes packed in a stylish suede type black pouch and inside you will find the atomizer itself and a bag of goodies which include four spare post screws and spare O-rings. The device is available in three colors, with the stainless steel version being the cheapest and the copper and brass versions costing a few dollars extra. It’s very solid, very well built and the materials used are of the highest quality.

The copper positive pin on the 510 connector protrudes just enough to make it suitable for various hybrid mechanical mods and the wide bore drip tip it comes with measures 12.7mm in diameter. Unfortunately there’s no adapter for standard drip tips but the experience you get with the stock one is quite pleasant.

The Goon RDA comprises of the deck and base, the barrel and the top cap, which also include the airflow adjustment mechanism. This consists of a series of three holes on each side which you can gradually cover or leave open by twisting the top cap. There’s also a single coil option where the second series of holes is completely blocked off.Goon RDA build deck

Looking at the building deck you can instantly spot the innovative design, where both the positive and negative posts have clamps to hold the wires. These two posts are completely removable from the deck and they are gold plated for the highest electrical conductivity. They are perfect for any type of builds, regardless of their complexity, since there’s no limit in the thickness of the wire with the whole clamp system. Mounting the wires is done with great ease, after partially loosening the two screws holding the clamps on each post. You simply insert the wire, tighten the deck and you’re ready to wick.

The Goon RDA is perfect for alien claptons, twisted clapons and all those type of complex wire that you had difficulties mounting on a Velocity deck. The vapor production and flavor are some of the best I experienced so far and I can easily say this has become my favorite RDA at the moment. It’s a bit pricey but totally worth every dollar as it will probably last you for years to come.