Goon LP RDA review


The original Goon was hands down one of our favorite rebuildable dripping atomizers from 2016. Its innovative build deck, flawless machining and awesome looks won us over from right from the start. Now the people at 528 Customs released a brand new low profile version of their famous atomizer and it definitely has what it takes to become the next best seller. The Goon LP RDA is available in four different colors, our favorite being Matte Gold and Matte Black. It’s shorter in height than its predecessor and not only looks good but delivers exceptional flavor.


goon LP RDA The Goon LP RDA comes packed in a simple black cardboard box and inside you will find the atomizer itself, a ULTEM chuff drip tip, a ULTEM top cap, a squonker pin, as well as spare O-rings and screws. ULTEM is a material similar to Delrin, but with more advanced high temperature insulating properties. It helps protect the lips when the RDA gets too hot, especially when chain vaping.


Just like its predecessor, the Goon LP RDA is machined from highest quality stainless steel and has a reasonable amount of weight to it. The finish looks almost sand-blasted and the O-rings provide a very good seal. It measures 24mm in diameter and because it’s a low profile atomizer, it was designed with one thing in mind – flavor. And because there are so many users out there who prefer squonkers, the RDA comes with an extra hollow 510 pin that’s just perfect for the job.

Goon LP RDA build deck The build deck on the other hand, is different than on the original Goon. While it still uses the clamp system, this time the clamps are positioned horizontally, two on each side. This makes it a bit trickier to position your coils, because the leads need to be trimmed almost exactly to the right length. It also leaves little room for error and requires perfect positioning of the coils in alignment with the top cap and airflow holes. You start to get the hang of it after a couple of trial and error attempts but it does take a learning curve.

When using thicker coils, like fused Claptons, it’s a bit tricky to get them just right so they don’t make contact with the top cap. Also the air holes need to be aligned perfectly with the loops for the best results in terms of performance. However, once you start to master the process, you are left with the most intense flavor and great overall experience.


As we mentioned earlier, the Goon LP RDA is a flavor atty. It’s intended for dual coil use and the ideal wattage is anywhere between 40 – 75W, depending on your build. It does get hot when chain vaping, but the ULTEM top cap comes in handy. Flavor and vapor production are just excellent and the build quality is top notch. Definitely worth the price, if you’re looking for quality and performance.Goon LP RDA matte gold

And while the 510 pin protrudes sufficiently and it’s advertised as “hybrid safe” we wouldn’t recommend using this atomizer on hybrid mech mods, or mech mods in general. This is because the coil can touch the top cap if you’re not paying close attention when aligning the build. You can always use the ULTEM top cap to avoid this, but we thought it was something worth mentioning. Always stay safe!