CSMNT RDA review

Cosmonaut RDA by District F5VE

If you’re into RDAs then you probably heard of District F5VE. They are an American company famous for their competition chuff caps, sleeves and drip tips. The Cosmonaut RDA is their most recent product and it’s a rebuildable dripping atomizer like no other we tested so far. The unique thing about it is that it doesn’t transfer the heat of the coils to your lips but at the same time delivers outstanding flavor and vapor.

Until we got a chance to play with this bad boy the Goon LP was our ‘to go’ dripper, but looks like the Cosmonaut RDA is quickly becoming favorite. It has a very sleek post-less design and the build deck as well as 510 pin are plated with 24K gold. This ensures perfect electric conductivity and it this like a locomotive.

Cosmonaut Silver and Black RDAWHAT’S IN THE BOX

The Cosmonaut RDA is available in two different colors – matte black and stainless steel – and it’s the perfect tool for your Claptons. It comes packed in small gift box with a sliding sleeve and inside you will find the RDA top cap, the deck, a yellow Ultem drip tip, a black wide bore drip tip, as well as two sets of spare screws and O-rings.


Unlike many other drippers on the market this one doesn’t come with grub screws and Allen keys. Instead it uses four flat head screws that come in the side of the deck, with no posts. It’s a rather strange layout but it works perfectly with Clapton or Twisted coils.

CSMNT RDA build deckFrom the overall design you can tell the Cosmonaut RDA is built for flavor chasers with a small chamber and adjustable airflow slots. It’s also fully compatible with Goon drip tips and building on the deck is super easy. You only need to cut the leads to the same length, slide them through the slots and screw tightly.

Another thing you will notice with the Cosmonaut RDA is that it doesn’t have a juice well. The top cap itself serves this purpose but you need to use plenty of cotton and slide the ends just under the coils. Just make sure to leave enough room for the air to pass through them and you’re all set. The base O-ring is also good quality and it helps seal the cap tightly.

On this particular atty, the top cap doesn’t sit flush on the barrel. This is an extra design feature that acts like a heat sink and does an excellent job at keeping the lips cool. You can even chain vape on it for seconds without any problems regardless of drip tip.


In terms of performance the Cosmonaut RDA is one of the best drippers we tried. Flavor and favor production are outstanding and despite not having a juice well, it can hold a lot of e-liquid. Airflow adjustment works like a charm and the build quality is top notch. It’s a product we sincerely recommend if you’re a fan of high quality RDAs.