How to keep your e-cigarette clean

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Think about how you feel after taking a nice long shower, after brushing your teeth, cleaning your ears and cutting your fingernails. It’s obvious that keeping ourselves clean has a lot of advantages and it keeps us running at 100%. The same thing applies to your e-cigarette or any other device that you use regularly like your electric razor. As time passes by and you continue to vape e-cigs, your electronic cigarette batteries will most likely develop a bit of dust or sediment around and inside the threads.

cleaning items It doesn’t really matter how careful you are or how meticulously you train yourself in the best ways to prevent the ecigs from becoming dirty, yet you will still end up with e-liquid dripping through the battery terminal holes of their atomizers and cartomizers. This is a completely normal process but you need to intervene in order to keep your device in tip top shape.

If you take care of your device, you will enjoy vapor production at its peak, prevent nasty short circuits and keep your ejuice from having an awkward taste.

The first thing you need to do when cleaning your ecigarette is to disassemble the device. Unscrew the battery from the cartomizer, remove the drip tip and keep all the pieces organized. Fold your paper towel into a rectangle so that it absorbs more, then press the cartomizer against it while blowing air through the drip tip. This will force any old eliquid into the towel and will leave you with a clean atomizer. If your device has an atomizer cone or drip protector then force the paper towel through so that it can absorb any traces of stray ejuice.

Moving on to the battery, you will need a couple of extra tools that you probably have lying around: a moisten toothbrush (use rubbing alcohol), something pointy (needle, toothpick, scissors), rubbing alcohol or disinfectant and some paper towels or tissues.

With your pointy tool, clean the outer part of the threads by dislodging any sediment that might be blocking the ventilation holes and then scrape off any extra clogging; this helps to loosen everything up leading to a very thorough clean. Then you need to brush off the outer part of the threads and air holes to remove all the sediment with your toothbrush dipped in some rubbing alcohol.

You may also want to loosen any dirt or clogging from the inner portion of the battery (between the center post and the threads) by gently scraping it off with your pointy device. The final step is to place the toothbrush on a flat surface with the bristles facing up and then place the threaded end of the battery on top of them while gently rotating the battery in circles to wipe away the residue from the inner parts.

If you spot a bit more sediment or dust left in the threads you should re-moisten the toothbrush and then give the threads another gentle brush.

CAUTION: Always pay attention not to get any moisture inside the battery as this will probably make it unusable!!

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