Our Review On The Infected mod by USA Made Mods

Do you think you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? Are you ready to hunt them down and reclaim your city? Well, if you don’t have a survival kit already then let us present you with one of best money can buy – The Infected mod by USA Made Mods. Reviewing a theme based mechanical mod is a first for us, and we have to say we are pretty impressed with the contents of this plastic bag. It’s like reliving some of our comic book store college memories and  dreaming about saving humanity from the forces of evil – but let’s cut to the chase.

Infected mod kitThe Infected is a marvelous mechanical mod, authentic and crafted in the United States. It comes in the form of a ‘Zombie Survival Kit’ and it’s wrapped inside a zip lock bag that features a lovely theme based sticker. Inside the box you will find the mod, a certificate of authenticity, a shoestring zombie charm, the signature keychain, two small glow sticks, candy, a USA zombie hunting permit, and a first aid gauze – pretty much everything you need to find zombies with.

First impression is that the Infected made with high quality materials – 304 food grade stainless steel, 99% pure tellurium copper contacts and brass insertions that give it such an unique look. The threads are incredibly smooth and the seams are super close, giving the impression that the mode is made from a single piece of metal. The finish is media blasted and you have four colors to pick from – we just got the regular matte brass.

Looking at the mod you can observe the recessed firing button at the bottom that’s magnetic and very smooth, a vent hole that’s drilled right into the tube and the 510 connection at the top that’s surrounded by a network of bull’s-eye shaped air slots. Again, we are more than impressed with the quality of the threads and if you take off the top cap you will notice the double adjustment pin for both the battery contact and the 510 connection. The knurling on these is great and it’s very easy to make fine adjustments. On the firing button you will notice the laser engraved logo and the unique serial number you can check for authenticity on their website. The switch is fully magnetic and simple yet it feels so amazing and we didn’t encounter any problems with it for the whole two weeks of testing. It is fitted with a copper contact with the same top notch knurling as the contacts on the top side.

The Infected mod is designed to work with a single 18650 battery and due to the adjustable top pin there’s absolutely no rattling and the whole device seems very solid and a pleasure to vape. We are big fans of these bottom firing magnetic mods and for us this is the best way of vaping on a mechanical. The voltage drop is negligible an the overall performance of this gizmo can only be matched by mods over the $100 price tag. It’s around 23mm in diameter so you will notice a bit of rim with your regular 22mm RDA but that honestly isn’t a problem for us.

Performance wise, the infected is a pretty good vape, with solid and consistent performance from start to finish. It’s a bit heavy and has that industrial look like we’ve seenInfected mechanical mod bottom view on some of Youde’s mods but that’s totally cool. If you are looking for an authentic and high quality mech mod that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime then perhaps the Infect is the perfect choice. Also if you are a fan of zombie apocalypse movies, you are in for a real treat.