Our Review On The Tesla Sidewinder 2

Tesla Sidewinder 2

There are so many vapers out there that are such big fans of the eGo style personal vaporizers. These devices have a long history but it’s only in the past two years that they became significantly powerful and covered a niche somewhere between original eGos and mods.  The first eGo vape pens were indeed a step into the future as opposed to traditional cig-a-like models, featuring powerful 650mAh batteries and the ability to refill them with e-liquid. Nowadays, many of these devices come with variable voltage, batteries over the 1,600 mAh limit and even sub-Ohming capabilities.

NOTE: This Vape pen is not available anymore. We suggest you to check out more our more recent ego vape reviews. If you are looking for a similar vape mod but slightly more powerful make sure to read our vape mod recommendations.

And speaking about powerful batteries, we decided to do a review on the Tesla Sidewinder 2 – one of the most powerful eGo style devices out there, that features 2,000 mAh and voltage control adjustment.  We had this item lying around for a few months now, but didn’t have the time to test it properly until a couple of weeks ago.

Tesla Sidewinder 2 batterySo the small mod comes packed inside a gorgeous black cardboard box that splits at the middle and give it such a classy feel. And once you open the box you will notice one of the most chic looking eGo batteries that’s perfectly balanced and has a lovely finish to it. The Tesla website says it’s made from 100% stainless steel but the textured finish feels like some kind of carbon fiber – at least on the black version that we have. It only comes with a small manual, so no charger or tank inside this box. We did however find some online shops that sell this product in a kit, but didn’t manage to get any info on the type of charger or tank that comes with it.

But considering that the Tesla Sidewinder 2 sells for around $25, you can easily purchase an eGo charger separately and a powerful tank to match it and still not go over your budget. In our opinion the Kanger Aerotank V2 looks perfect on top of this device and it is going to certainly be a huge upgrade if you come from a traditional eGo, cig-a-like or just want to give e-cigarettes a try.

It has a total length of 132mm and a diameter of 19mm. You cannot vape it with a sub-ohm tank but it still offers plenty of power and autonomy. If would have been great if the people at Tesla fitted the Sidewinder 2 with a micro-USB port to use it as a pass-through so you wouldn’t have to take off the tank each time you need to recharge it. And because it comes with a 2,000 mAh battery, it takes a couple of hours with a traditional eGo charger plugged into a standard USB port.

The Tesla Sidewinder 2 comes with a beauty ring at the top, but unlike other eGo twist models, this has separate threading so you don’t have to take it off when using the battery with an eGo or 510 type clearomizer or tank. The stainless beauty ring, power button and voltage adjustment dial really complement the entire looks of this black battery. To power the device on or off you simply need to press the button five times and you will notice it’s surrounded by glowing LED notification light. The voltage adjustment dial at the bottom has a very nice feel to it and the knurling is great. It can go from 3.3V up to 4.8V giving plenty of versatility regardless of the type of tank you are using.

Paired with the Aerotank V2, the Sidewinder really shines and you’ll get some pretty impressive clouds of this gadget. Depending on the voltage you are using you are looking at around one full day of vaping, maybe more so it’s pretty good value for the money you are paying for it. It’s a great upgrade from a two piece cigarette like mod or from a 650mAh ego and it gives you the chance to experiment with variable voltage before buying a mechanical mod or an advanced personal vaporizer. We didn’t encounter any problems with this battery and we totally recommend it to any eGo fan.

Small update:

We received several questions from our visitors regarding minor charging problems with their Tesla Sidewinder 2 and we found it important to share some tips for for everyone reading this review.

When the LED indicator will flash and the battery stops powering the clearomizer you know it’s time to recharge. For this you need to unscrew your clearo and mount your eGO style charger prior to plug it the USB port of your wall adapter or computer. As the battery begins to charge the LED indicator light on the Tesla will light up and the notification light on your charger should blink red. When the battery is full the LED indicator light on the battery will blink and then turn off while the indicator light on the charger should turn green.

  • If the notification light on your eGO charger doesn’t change to green after a few hours it might not make a proper connection with the pin of the battery (you can fix this by twisting it more firmly) or it might be defective (in which case you will need a new one).
  • If the LED indicator light turned off but when you want to use your ecig the Tesla Sidewinder 2 doesn’t power your clearomizer, try pressing the firing button 5 consecutive times until it starts to flash.
  • If this doesn’t happen in your case, unscrew the eGo charger, set the voltage indicator to 4.2V and then connect the charger again. This should fix some charging issues with this particular model.
  • If the LED notification light on the battery stays on for hours and doesn’t automatically turn itself off, try disconnecting and reconnecting the carger. If the problem persists but the battery does get charged (you can tell by how long it lasts after the charge) it might be a small problem with the light that can be ignored. If your battery still doesn’t charge after making sure the charger is functional and it makes good contact with the pin, then you might want to contact your seller to get a replacement.