Our Review On The Dovpo E-Mech 30 Watt

Dovpo E-Mech 30WIf you’re a fan of funky box mods and remember the E-LVT, well there’s a new device on the market that’s going to make quite an impression. Designed to resemble something out of a transformers movie, the Dovpo E-Mech 30 Watt Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage mod packs a lot of power and besides vaping, it can be used to recharge your phone/tablet and has a built-in flashlight.

The mod comes packed in a good quality black cardboard box with an image of the E-Mech clearly standing out. Inside you will find the mod, a manual and a USB multi-purpose charging cable that has a micro-USB adapter, a mini-USB adapter an old-school iPhone adapter and a new generation iPhone adapter. Besides these, you will also find some fancy ‘Transformers’ decals that you can stick on your mod.

The E-Mech has an all-metal body and the design is pretty amazing but one of the most impressive features of it is the ‘touch screen’ LCD. It shows a lot of information, starting from the battery meter on the upper left side, the atomizer resistance, a puff counter, the day of the week, a power bank icon when you connect an external device, the current voltage/wattage, and the current date and time.

To power on the device you simply need to press the main button three times. You then have a choice of menus – Power, Wattage, Voltage, Calendar and Exit. To lock the device you need to press the (+) and (-) capacitive buttons simultaneously. To go into ‘power bank’ mode you need to keep the (+) button pressed a few seconds while the device is unlocked. To turn on the flash light you need to do exactly the same with the (-) button. The power button is backlit with a nice ‘Transformers’ logo as well and everything feels very responsive and high quality.

On the back, you will find a speaker and another LCD screen that shows the ‘Dovpo’ logo each time you take a puff. Below the small screen, you can find two hinges that you need to open in order to access the battery compartment. This beast is powered by two parallel 18650 batteries and can go in variable wattage mode from 3W-30W while in variable voltage mod from 3.0V-6.0V. You can also fit on it any 510 or eGo threaded atomizer or rebuildable with the resistance from 0.5 up to 5.0Ohms. The 510 connector has a spring loaded pin so it will mount flush with anything you put on top.

The beauty ring has a diameter of 22mm so it will ensure a nice fit with any tank or RDA you decide to use. We puffed on it with both our Nautilus and the Castle RDA and we were more than impressed with the results. Huge clouds and amazing flavor is what you’re going to get with every puff. It’s quite bigger than our regular box mods but once you get used to it, it’s a great vaporizer to own.