Our Review On The Defender Mini Box Mod

After witnessing the hysteria surrounding the increasingly powerful box mods last year, we thought for sure we would be vaping mainly on 200-300W devices in 2015 but, as it turns out, not that many people are looking for beastly vaporizers. However, small and compact box mods that go below the 1-Ohm limit and are compatible with the recently released tanks from both Kanger and Aspire seem to be selling like crazy these days, while leaving shop owners constantly having to restock. Today we are going to take a closer look at yet another Chinese made vaporizer called the Defender Mini that promises a lot of features in a very compact box.

Defender Mini side viewClearly similar in resemblance with the iStick, this device hopes to appeal to the same audience and it does have the looks for it. It comes packed in a lovely plastic box with a transparent top and inside you will find the Defender Mini, a manual, a lanyard and a micro-USB charging cable. The box has a ‘scratch and check’ code that you can verify online and make sure your product is authentic. The mod itself looks very chic and modern and it comes with the chrome plated base and top. One design element that clearly stands out is the thumb-ring on the top that has both an aesthetic purpose as well as a practical one. It can transform the connection of the mod from the regular 510 to eGo style once you mount it upside down. That’s a neat little trick and one of the key features of this gorgeous yet compact box mod (it measures only 35x23x86mm).

The Defender Mini is powered by a built-in non removable 2600mAh battery that’s even more impressive from the one on the iStick (2200mAh). It is capable of operating at a discharge rate of 20A and the mod can work with atomizers or tanks having the resistance between 0.5 Ohms and 3.0 Ohms. So that’s pretty nice, considering that so many people are going to use it with the Atlantis or the Subtank Mini / Nano. And to be fair, either one of these tanks looks majestic on top of the Defender, mostly because it has the 510 connection right in the middle.

The reversible top ring is provided with four channels that form a cross and they are more than enough to ensure a proper airflow regardless of the type of tank or atomizer you use. It is made from good quality stainless steel and the conductivity is just perfect. The positive pin is spring loaded and packed with a lot of tension so that you won’t encounter any problems with any accessory. Also, the ring has a diameter of around 22mm so it is going to look great with a wide range of RDAs too.

So, looking at the Defender Mini you will notice the ring and the 510 connection on the top, the firing button, OLED display and adjustment buttons on the side and the micro-USB port on the bottom. The buttons have a good amount of clickiness (if this can be considered an actual word) but there is some rattling when you shake the mod. Like in the case of so many devices these days, the display shows the remaining battery, atomizer resistance, output voltage and the current watts. You can switch between variable voltage and variable wattage by clicking the firing button three times. Variable wattage can be adjusted between 5W and 25W while the voltage between 1V and 8V. If you press and hold on one of the (+) or (-) buttons it is going to scroll automatically through the cycle until you reach the setting that is desired.

Performance wise, the Defender Mini does its job with little effort and paired with a good quality RDA or tank is the perfect combination for a satisfying day-to-day vape. Flavor is very good while the amount of vapor is more than enough for any regular e-smoker. It’s a very fashionable and versatile piece of engineering and it’s appealing to both genders. It’s not for from the iStick in terms of performance but if you want to upgrade your regular e-cigarette then this is definitely a very good option.