Our Review On The Aspire ESP 30W Box Mod

Aspire is clearly one of the top players in the vaping industry today and a real game changer when it comes to their tanks and, more recently, their batteries and mods. Compact box mods are selling like hotcakes nowadays and the better a product performs, the more chances there are for it becoming a hit.  And with so many newly released sub-ohm tanks out there, it’s great to have a mod that feels nice in your hand and is able to power every single one these gizmos with very little effort.

Today we are going to take a closer look at the Aspire ESP 30W box mod, a small but capable performer that’s fitted with 510 threading and a non-removable internal battery rated at 1900 mAh. We have received this device for the purpose of doing a review so let’s get straight to business.

Aspire ESP 30W mod and packaging The Aspire ESP 30W comes packed in a black cardboard box with a sketch of the mod on top and some logos and brand names on the sides. On the back of the packaging there are some instructions on how to use the mod and a ‘scratch & check’ serial number for authenticity. Inside the box you are only going to find the ESP 30W and a sleek micro-USB cable used for charging. In fact, this is probably one of the best cables that we have ever come across since we started reviewing all sorts of vaping gear and the best part is that you can use it with any other device.

The mod itself is quite small (3-3/4″ x 1-5/8″ x 1″) but very elegant, mostly due to its carbon fiber finish and the flawless design that integrates perfectly the firing button on the side and the wattage adjustment dial on top. It is fitted with a small display on front, a micro-USB charging port & notification light on the bottom and a spring loaded 510 connection on the top. As you can probably guess, the Aspire ESP 30W is not a very complicated mod and it’s basically a ‘plug, spin and play’. You only have to screw on a tank, turn the dial until you find the wattage setting you are looking for and just press the button for a fulfilling vaping experience.

The wattage on this bad boy goes from 5W to 30W in 1W increments and nothing in between. The great things is that the adjustment dial is pretty tight so you can’t accidentally change the setting. The display is small and it highlights the current wattage;  you can also see the resistance of your atomizer, remaining battery and output voltage. To lock / unlock the device you will need to press the firing button for five consecutive times.

The Aspire ESP 30W box mod has been designed to pair the Atlantis, but it is going to perform great no matter what tank or RDA you put on top of it. Flavor is great, vapor production is great and the mod is compact and very light so a pleasure to vape.

Let’s now look at some of the negatives, and we are going to start with the charging port. We have no idea why most Chinese manufacturers Aspire ESP 30W top vieware putting this at the bottom and not on the side of the mod. Yes, it’s a pass-through but not that many people are going to vape on it while charging and it’s a pain always having to unscrew your RDA before connecting the cable. People who are using tanks don’t have the same problem but when you use a dripper and lean it on its side you are going to notice some juice leaking out.

Another negative is the small battery, that only lasts a few hours if you constantly vape it over 25W. And with most sub-ohm tanks this tiny mod is definitely not going to last the whole day, so make sure you take your charging cable with you.

However, many people are going to vape with a traditional tank so there’s no need for that much power and therefore they are going to get a far better battery life. So, if you don’t mind these two cons, there’s nothing else to say about the Aspire ESP 30W except for the fact that it works great, feels great and it offers good value for the price you pay.