The Flytlab Lift review. A mid-range dry herb vape with a big personality

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Flytlab Lift

The Flytlab Lift brings together a nice tubular design as well as great performance in a very compact and portable dry herb vaporizer. It features single button operation and has a fully ceramic chamber with semi-convection heating. We call it semi-convection because it uses six inlets to circulate natural air through the oven whenever you take a draw.

8.4 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Great design

Easy to use

All body silicone sleeve

Big oven


Vapor can be harsh at maximum temperature

A  bit pricey for what it offers

What you get with the FLYTLAB Lift vape

The FLYTLAB Lift comes packed in a stylish cardboard presentation box. Inside you will find the vaporizer itself, a nice branded wall adapter, a micro-USB charging cable, a cleaning brush, a stirring tool, and a spare glass mouthpiece. You also get a silicone sleeve for the body, a silicone sleeve for the mouthpiece, a sticker and a very cool user manual.

The device is available in two colors – Black and White and it's priced around $150.

Flytlab Lift vape inside box

A minimalist design that works

The design of the Flytlab Lift is minimalist and it's something we really enjoy. Total height is just under 4 inches and weight is around 70 grams. It feels very natural in the hand and has a single button placed in the middle. On the other side we have a micro-USB slot for charging and the oven is placed just under the mouthpiece.

A unique feature of this herb vaporizer is the retractable mouthpiece. When the oven is empty you can easily push down the glass section and until it's no longer visible. Shake the device vigorously to have it pop out whenever you need to use it. It's held in place by a small magnet so it won't slide down automatically. This thought trough feature protects the mouthpiece when keeping the device in your pocket.

Flytlab Lift kit

The oven is fully ceramic and has a very generous size. You can fit up to 0.5 – 0.7 grams in a single session as long as you pack it tightly. You can also press on the mouthpiece during your session to ensure an even distribution of heat through the dry herb material.

The silicone sleeve looks really sturdy. For someone like me, that drops things quite often, this is a perfect solution. The only unfortunate part is that my silicone cap did not have a snug fit. I decided to leave it off since I was quite sure I would lose it in minutes.

Silicone sleeve for Flytlab Lift vape

How to use the Flytlab Lift vaporizer

To turn the Flytlab Lift vape on just press the fire button three times. It will start to cycle through its three temperature presets which are indicated by different colors. Blue represents a temperature between 365F – 375F, Yellow represents 395F – 405F, and Green represents 415F – 425F. Long press the button to select one of these temperatures and allow the vaporizer to heat up. A red light will flash during the process and green means it's ready to vape.

The LED light also acts as a battery indicator. With the device turned off just press and hold the button and check out the color it displays. Green means the battery is full, Yellow means it's around 50% and Red means it's time to plug it in. It takes around 2.5h to get the unit fully charged.

We recommend taking long pulls from the Flytlab Lift for the optimum vape experience. This ensures even extraction and even distribution of heat inside the chamber. The vapor isn't that harsh using the first two temperature settings but it will make you cough at around 425F. We did not use the mouthpiece to press down the herbs as the draw was tight enough as-is.

Performance and final words on the FLYTLAB Lift

The Flytlab Lift vaporizer is a mid-range dry herb vape pen that looks nice and vapes really well. It comes with a full body silicone sleeve that's great for heat insulation purposes. Vapor and flavor are pretty good for its price. You do have to fully pack the chamber for the best vapor production. Battery life is also is in the mid-range category, a single charge being enough for around 12 bowls at medium temperature. This will vary depending on climate and the setting you're using.

Heat up times are also reasonably fast, with anywhere between 30 – 40s to reach 405F. Once it reaches one of the temperature presets, it takes around 10s to jump to the next value. You can do this by long pressing the button and selecting another color.

And we almost forgot to mention this, but looks like Flytlab offers 10-year warranty on their products and that's a big pro.

Product Specifications
Battery life:Average
Built Material:Metal (general)
Chamber type:Ceramic
Charge duration:2 - 3 hours
Color:Black, White
Device Size:Compact
Heat up time:30 - 60 seconds
Heating source:Battery
Production year:2017
Temperature settings:Teperature presets
Warrenty:10 years
Weight:Under 100g

Rating of the Flytlab Lift

8.4 Overall score
80 Score
Price 80
80 Score
Battery Life 80
90 Score
Aestetics 90
90 Score
Ease of Use 90
80 Score
Build quality 80

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