Uber Delicious Line Crafters E-liquids, take my money now please

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Super Delicious Crafters Naturals e-liquids
8.7 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Based in London, Ontario, Flavor Crafters are one of the biggest e-liquid companies in Canada. Their selection flavors is huge, with over seven lines of interesting and utterly delicious juices. Since we’re so big fans of high VG, we decided to test out their Crafters line of e-liquids series.

The Crafters Naturals line includes a total of five lip biting juices, all of them inspired from seasonal fruits and herbs. All these liquids come packed in 30ml amber glass bottles. The bottles are fitted with childproof caps and droppers. The base mix is made from 100% VG and ensures a very rich vapor production. Nicotine concentrations are: 0, 3, 6, and 12mg.

A Max VG juice to be used with drippers

Crafters Naturals e-liquids is a max VG line and therefore intended to be used with drippers. Some RTAs and high power sub ohm tanks can cope with the rich viscosity, but we don’t recommend using these juices on regular tanks. With 100% VG you will always get the best results in terms of flavor and vapor production when using an RDA.

The amazing Concord Grape flavor

Concord Grape is our favorite e-liquid from this line. They are not kidding when they advertise it as an all natural grape taste. This is one of the most unique grape juices we ever tried and it’s so delicious. Sweet and sour, with that slight tangy aftertaste this flavor works so well with the smoothness of max VG. It’s a great all day vape and a great juice overall. We found it to be most satisfying between 35 - 45W. A low profile RDA like the Goon LP really enhances the aroma in this case.

concorde grape lethal lemon

Black Cherry, the best-seller

Black cherry is their best seller and for good reason. Crafters Naturals e-liquids like to keep things simple and in this case less is definitely more. This cherry flavor brings back so many childhood memories and it’s exactly how a fruity flavor is suppose to be. Smooth, sweet, natural and with a lingering aftertaste. This works so great in the mornings next to an espresso but you can also vape it all day long.

If you think about it, there are so many peach flavored liquids out there, but only a handful of apricot flavors. Well, Crafters Naturals Apricot is like a breath of fresh air. This fruit flavor is so simple yet so complex. It has a powerful aroma with a slightly bitter sweet aftertaste. It the type of flavor you never get tired of and it’s really smooth at 40W.

The line also features a Blueberry, Lethal Lemon and a Peppermint e-juice. We didn’t get the chance to test out these two but we promise to update this review as soon as we do.

Lethal Lemon is packed with rich citrusy goodness. This juice is not part of the Naturals line but belongs to the special Releases line. Since we don't have all the Special Release flavors from Crafters yet. We decided to add this one anyway since it was so damn good!

This lemon meringue pie juice is one of the best we tried and works perfectly on an RDA. It’s sweet, smooth and with a powerful aftertaste. If you’re a big fan of dessert liquids you are going to absolutely love this one. Not exactly all day vape material, but excellent in the mornings, after lunch or as a midnight snack.

lethal lemon

Rating of the Crafters E Liquids

8.7 Overall score
90 Score
Flavor 90
90 Score
Vapor Production 90
80 Score
Throat hit 80

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