A good look at the Atmos Vicod Vaporizer kit

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Atmos Vicod

The Atmos Vicod is a really solid and dependable dry herb vaporizer and it gets the job done flawlessly everytime. I liked the design, it's really sleek and I didn’t manage to find any negatives to it. The price is also great and the chances of combustion are minimum.

7.6 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Advertised as the ultimate combination between innovation and elegance, the Atmos Vicod is one of the most affordable yet very best portable herb vaporizers that’s packed with electronics in order to deliver an incredible experience. The device’s unique shape makes it very comfortable to use and to hold and the materials used give it an authentic and solid feel. And even though it runs at about half the price of more expensive vaporizers, it’s still capable of releasing the rich and full flavor inside dry herbs.

Inside the Vicod Vaporizer box

Atmos Vicod boxThe Atmos Vicod comes packed a hard cardboard blue & white box with a magnetic flap on the side, and inside you’ll find the device itself, a small user’s manual, a retractable USB cable, a wall adapter, a few silicone mouth tips, a cleaning brush, and a metallic pick. The first thing you’ll notice how well the Vicod sits in your hand and how perfectly balanced it feels thanks to its revolutionary design and easy grip.

The Atmos Vicods Anotomy

On the top side of the vaporizer you’ll spot the mouth piece that snaps in place over the heating chamber via a magnetic connection. Then you’ll notice the vent holes on all the sides which encourage airflow to give that natural flavor and a cooler vape. On the main side we have the generous OLED display, alongside the two temperature adjustment buttons and the power button. And speaking about temperature, the Vicod can go from 350 ˚F all the way up to 430˚F and it takes only a few dozen seconds for it to reach the desired value. Another great thing is that you can adjust the temperature in 1 ˚F increments, which gives even more control over the dry herb vaporizing experience. Finally, on the base you can notice the micr-USB charging port.

The Vicod battery

The Atmos Vicod is powered by a mighty 2,200 mAh internal battery and you can easily recharge it withAtmos Vicod oven and mouthpiece the supplied USB cable and wall adapter. I noticed it charging a lot faster directly with the wall adapter then with the USB cable connected to my laptop.

The device also comes in two colors – white and black and they both do the job pretty well. To use the gizmo you’ll have to grind your dry herb mixture, take off the mouth piece and fill the chamber to about 3/4. Then turn on the device, set the desired temperature and wait for it to heat up. A great thing about the Vicod is that it reduces the risk of combustion and I didn’t taste any smoke for the past two weeks I’ve been using it. It has probably something to do with the high grade stainless steel chamber and the airflow vent holes, however the end result is extremely satisfying.

Maintenance of the Atmos Vicod

Cleaning up this gizmo is a piece of cake and you can only do it with the provided brush. It comes with a 5 year replacement warranty – which is really impressive and also a 30 day refund guarantee. However, the money will be returned in the form of store credit.

My personal opinion is that this is a really solid and dependable dry herb vaporizer and it gets the job done flawlessly. It’s really sleek and I didn’t manage to find any negatives to it. The price is also great and the chances of combustion are minimum.

Product Specifications

Rating of the Atmos Vicod

7.6 Overall score
80 Score
Flavor 80
70 Score
Vapor Production 70
70 Score
Price 70
80 Score
Battery Life 80
80 Score
Build quality 80

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