Our Review On The Tesla Two

Tesla Two

We are hearing more and more about Tesla and we did test a few of their products so we were more than happy to review one of their latest mods. But the Tesla Two is something a bit different from the usual devices we talked about in the past year. It’s an unregulated compact box that combines the best of the mech mod world with a couple of safety features and a massive built-in battery. And the cool thing about it is that it can fire with atomizer resistances as low as 0.1 Ohms so it’s the perfect stealthy gizmo to use with one of the new sub-ohm tanks on the market.

Tesla Two mod redAnother cool thing about the Tesla Two is its selling price, which is around $40 – so this makes it a highly affordable mod with plenty of autonomy and sub-ohming capabilities. I really enjoy vaping on it, and the lack of menu and controls seem to do the trick for my brain, which feels like hitting the sweet spot with every press of the button. I usually try different wattages / voltages on my other mods and it’s quite hard to find something completely satisfying but in the case of this particular mod the only setting is the most perfect setting. I had the same result with the Aspire CF Sub Ohm, so I guess is more of a placebo kind of thing.

The mod comes is a very fancy black box with an inner velvety lining and inside you are only going to find the Tesla Two and the user’s manual. So we have no charger with this device, despite the fact that it takes great pride in its big internal battery, but let’s be honest we all have a spare micro-USB cable lying around the house and a wall adapter or a spare USB port on our laptop/computers so it’s not such a big deal.

The first thing you are going to notice about the Tesla two is the compact form factor and the lovely aluminum body. The build quality is good Tesla Two mods various colorsthe device is well balanced and really easy to hold and to vape. On the top side you are going to notice the 510 connector with the floating center pin but a small negative is that it protrudes a bit so you won’t be able to get a flush mount with your tanks or attys. And while this might not be a problem for some, if you have OCD you’re going to stare at that gap for a very long time. It’s a perfect match for my square Hell Boy RDA but it also works great with rounded models or tanks due to the 22mm width.

On the side we have the round firing button which has a surrounding LED light that blinks with each press in accordance with the remaining battery charge. Once it starts glowing red you know it’s time to connect it to the power source and wait a few hours as it charges. And when I said earlier that it has a massive built in battery, I was talking about the impressive 4000 mAh capacity. I don’t know how they managed to squeeze so much juice inside that tiny body but it does the job quite well, and I managed to get around 3-4 days, depending on usage (office hours only).

Tesla Two mods red and cyanThe Tesla Two also comes in a variety of colors including blue (the one we got), grey, black and red. It also has short circuit protection, over voltage protection and over current protection so it does not pose the same risks as a true mechanical mod.

It works great and I didn’t manage to find any negatives. The clouds are big and delicious and you only see a difference as the button starts glowing orange and it’s time to recharge. In my opinion is a great unregulated mod to have around the house and it can even be a lovely all-day vape. A big thumbs up for Tesla!