Our Review On The Lost Vape Therion DNA75

Lost Vape Therion DNA75

I know we have hundreds of box mods available on the market today, however there are only a few of them that are designed and built in a way that leaves everyone breathless. Today I’m going to talk a bit about one of my favorite vaporizers of 2016, and probably one of the best I ever tested and reviewed. It’s not exactly mine (I’ve borrowed it from a friend for two weeks while he’s on vacation) but I’ve already placed an order after playing with it for only few hours.

The mod is called the Lost Vape Therion and it’s one of the sexiest DNA 75 devices out there, and probably one of the sexiest mods ever made. Designed in the UK and manufactured by the famous Chinese company, the Therion delivers one of the best vaping experiences money can buy. And considering it has a price tag of around $130, it’s not exactly cheap, however it does perform flawlessly and the build quality is stellar – not to mention that it looks great regardless of what tank, rebuildable atomizer or dripper you decided to mount on top of it.

What’s inside the box

Lost Vape Therion box modThe Lost Vape Therion comes packed in a black gift box and inside you will find the mod itself, a micro-USB cable used for updates and the user manual. The first things you’re going to notice about it are the genuine leather insertion on the battery cover and also the genuine wood insertions in the body. Together with the brushed metallic faces and the lovely buttons these make the Therion unique in my book and such a pleasure to hold and to vape.

Internal components and batteries

This device is powered by the brand new DNA75 board, a very accurate and top rated chip that accounts for maximum responsiveness and multiple (and very efficient) temperature control options. It’s a dual parallel 18650 mod and I would suggest using two identical high drain cells for maximum performance (anything above 20A would do, but my personal recommendation would be the Sony VTC4 / VTC5 or VTC6). Because it’s a dual parallel mod the battery capacity essentially doubles and it’s a great device to use all day if you don’t vape higher than 70-75W.

Design and features

On the top side of the Lost Vape Therion there’s a very well machined stainless steel 510 connector Lost Vape Therion battery doorfitted with a spring loaded pin and because of the depth of the mod you’ll be able to fit any 22 – 25mm atomizer on top of it without any problem. On the main side we have the fire button, the display, the two adjustment buttons and the micro-USB slot (used for software updates and customization with the ESCRIBE software, which you can find online). Like in the case of any dual 18650 mod I recommend having an external charger and at the moment my personal favorite is the Efect Luc V2 (yes, I know the mod comes with 1A balanced charging feature, but I really don’t want to stress the board and use this only in emergencies). To access the battery compartment you simply need to pull the back cover of the mod and then you can easily slide the cells inside – both facing the same way.

NOTE: The Lost Vape Therion proudly belongs in our good vape mods list

The Lost Vape Therion has a variety of temperature control presets (Nickel, Stainless Steel, and Titanium) as well as a pre-heat function which is great for using Clapton coils. You can also use it in standard variable wattage mode (1 – 75W) and take advantage of the accuracy of the new DNA chip. It’s a bit bulky considering its dimensions of 90mm x 54mm x 27mm but as I mentioned earlier it’s also one of the sexiest mods I’ve tested.


Lost Vape Therion side viewI mostly used it with my GeekVape Eagle tank and also with my goon RDA and the experience is simply outstanding. There’s absolutely no rattle and I had no issues with it even when I stressed it by chain vaping and even using it while it was charging. The Lost Vape Therion truly is a great mod and I would clearly recommend it to anyone looking for a top quality device, with an amazing battery life and flawless responsiveness from the board.