V4L Vogue Box Mod Ultimate Kit review

V4L Vogue Box Mod Ultimate

From what I’ve seen and tested so far, Vapor 4 Life are the kind of company who invest a lot in research and development. They do this to bring vapers exactly the type of products they had been looking for, and in the case of the V4L Vogue Box Mod Ultimate Kit they got it just right. This is exactly the type of box mod kit beginners should start with, because not only is it durable and well-built but it brings the sub ohm experience without any hassle.


With the V4L Vogue Box Mod Ultimate Kit you don’t have to worry about setting the voltage, the wattage or the temperature just right. It’s going to do that for you by hitting the coil with the same 4.2V regardless of its resistance. You can go as lows as 0.2 Ohms on this mod and it will automatically set the output power to a maximum of 80W.


Vogue Box Mod and Ultimo Vapor eliquidThe V4L Vogue Box Mod Ultimate Kit includes everything required for your first sub ohm vaping experience. Besides the mod you also get the Mini Riptide tank, a micro-USB charging cable, a user manual and a 30ml bottle of premium e-liquid crafted by Ultimo Vapor. I’ve personally sampled at least six flavors from them and I have to say they are quite delicious. You can read more about this e-juice company in our e-liquid reviews section. My personal recommendation would be Napoleon’s Fave, one of the best Neopolitan ice cream flavors out there.


The mod feels solid and well-built and it has a flakey metallic finish to it. It only has a single button and it comes with the standard 510 connector on the top. The shape of the Vogue is also very interesting. It’s curved around the tank but then it makes an angle at the other end. The fire button, display and micro-USB slot are placed on the face of the mod, on a shiny band. You only need to press the button Vogue Box Modfive times to turn the device on, screw on the tank and you’re ready to puff.

With the V4L Vogue Box Mod Ultimate Kit you get a small but very powerful sub ohm tank as well. It’s called the Mini Riptide and it comes with 0.5 Ohm coils. The bottom fill tank holds a maximum of 2.0ml of e-liquid and it has adjustable airflow at the base. It’s made from stainless steel and Pyrex glass and you can buy spare coils for it on V4L’s website. Each of these atomizer heads should last around 2 weeks before giving a slightly burnt taste.


I like the idea of having a regulated box mod built specifically for beginners. It has a variety of safety features – like short circuit and over discharge protection – and it’s so easy to use. The internal 2500mAh battery is more than enough for a full day of vaping at 0.5 Ohms and it even comes in two different colors – blue and red. You can use it with other tanks as long as you keep the resistance between 0.2 – 2.5 Ohms.Mini Riptide tank

The V4L Vogue Box Mod Ultimate Kit is a great kit for beginners and both flavor and vapor production are more than impressive. The tiny Mini Riptide tank does an amazing job, however I wouldn’t recommend chain vaping on it as it tends to get rather hot. On normal use you won’t have any issues with it and I would highly recommend this to any beginner switching from a cig-a-like or an ego kit.

Readers tip: Unfortunately this mod did not make this year’s best box mod selection. We do expect that its successors will make this toplist.