Our Review On The Joyetech eVic VT TC

Joyetech eVic VT TC

We really enjoyed the Subox Kit from Kanger, with its race car design and compact form factor, however today we are going to review a mod that surpasses it in terms of both design and functionality. The Joyetech eVic VT TC is by far one of the coolest looking mods we’ve seen and the company clearly took a sports car as inspiration for the lines and finish of the device. With a glossy appearance and two stripes going  lengthwise, this box mod definitely stands out and the matching eGo ONE Mega tank complements it so nicely. The stainless steel insertions work so well on the general looks, the materials uses are high end, everything fits perfectly in place without any seams or rattling noise, and it comes to show how much effort Joyetech has put in designing the product.

Joyetech eVic VT TC different colorsAnother thing we should talk about is the TC in the name, which obviously stands for temperature control. As you are probably aware by now, there are several temperature sensing mods on the market today, however only a handful do the job without too many flaws. Many of them are not that responsive when they need to protect the wicking and some even do a pseudo temperature control by trying to guess the degrees by using a set of predefined values. So the whole temperature control idea is still fresh and manufacturers and engineers need to upgrade their designs until we are left with a fully stable and flawless design. However, from what we noticed, this particular model handles the temperatures very well and it certainly deserves a place among the top mods on the TC list.

The Joyetech eVic VT comes packed in a gorgeous white cardboard box with a picture of the mod on the top and inside you are going to find the eVic VT, a matching eGo ONE Mega tank fitted with a Ni atomizer head, an extra Ti (Titanium) atomizer head, a micro USB cable, a wall adapter, a silicone case, an authenticity card, and a user’s manual. We highly recommend that you read the manual before using the device as it gets kind of tricky and we’ll explain why later.

The mod has a lovely metallic case (probably aluminum) complemented by a gorgeous paint job. The walls are very thick and the device is Joyetech eVic VT TC yellowfairly heavy but just to give it that balanced feel when you hold it. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that it only comes with a single button, but it doesn’t have a built in accelerometer like older AVPs, instead it’s fitted with a nifty dial at the top which is going to help you go through the menu and settings. So, looking at the VT you are going to spot massive display and firing button on the main side, the micro-USB charging port on the right, the adjustment dial and the spring loaded 510 connection at the top and the battery vent holes at the bottom. And speaking about the battery, this baby is powered by a whopping 5,000mAh non-removable battery. The dimensions of the VT are 85.6x47x25.5mm so you are looking at something very close to the iStick. It also comes in three great colors: Dazzling White (the one we got), Cool Black and the crowd favorite Racing Yellow.

The Joyetech eVic VT has three operating modes: Temp Ti, Temp Ni, and VW, which you can use depending on the type of head you have inside the tank. The Ni heads have blue insertions and they are rated at 0.2 Ohms. The Ti heads have red insertions and are rated at 0.4 Ohms. You can even use the Joyetech CLR-Ti heads (you will need to buy them separately) with the VT, and be able to re-wick them or re-build their coils, which is fantastic.

Joyetech eVic VT TC tanks and coilsThe eGo ONE Mega tank that comes in the box can hold up to 4.0ml of e-liquid, has an adjustable airflow system and it’s one of the best performing sub-ohm clearomizers on the market. For the Ni (Nickel 200) heads you will need to set your mod for a temperature between 500-550˚F and for the Ti (Titanium) ones a temperature between 450-500˚F. Both of them can go as high as 60W, and that’s also the maximum the VT can reach (it goes from 1.0W to 60.0W in 0.1W increments).

Getting used to the dial takes a bit of time but once you get the hang of it it’s fairly simple. You will need to press the firing button three times to enter the menu and then slide the dial to the left to go to the setting you need to adjust and then slide it to the right to make changes. The whole process is detailed in the user’s manual and this is why we suggest you read it once you get the mod.

We tested the Joyetech eVic VT with the Ni atomizer heads in VT-Ni TC mode and also with our Mutation X RDA in regular VW mode and the results are impressive. The temperature control works very well with the Nickel coils so you are not going to get any burnt taste from it. The clouds are massive just like you would expect from a sub-ohm tank and the flavor is sublime. It’s a great mod if you want to experiment with temperature control but you will need to be careful if you want to buy it because these babies go out of stock extremely fast.