Innokin Itaste MVP 3.0 Pro 60W review

Innokin Itaste MVP 3.0 Pro 60W

When it first made its debut on the e-cigarette market, the iTaste MVP became an instant hit as one of the few box mods available at the time together with another classic, the VTR. The second version of the mod enjoyed the same popularity and people are still using them even today. The third version came with only 30W of power but a breathtaking design, and now the guys at Innokin decided to take it even further by adding 30 more watts to the same beautiful box.

iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro box contents So today I’m going to talk a bit about the new iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro, an incredibly well built box mod that’s powered by a huge 4500mAh battery and can go as low as 0.2 Ohms. So, it’s one great device to use with any of the recently released sub ohm tanks, and especially Innokin’s own iSub or iSub G. The iSub comes in a variety of colors that match the ones on the MVP and pair together so perfectly.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of box mods and especially of the MVP series. This device made history and it was also one of the first to allow the recharging of personal electronics of its huge internal battery. So, it’s my pleasure to announce that the iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro comes packed in transparent acrylic box with cardboard on the exterior and once you open it you are going to find the mod, an 510 to eGo adapter, a charging micro-USB cable, some stickers and the user’s manual.

As opposed to the original MVP 3.0, the Pro model comes in four different colors including silver and gold (the one we got) and it looks and feels high-end. The build quality and attention to details really stand out as Innokin tried to do the best possible job for its flagship device. The body is made from aluminum and the texture complements it so well. I really like the firing button – both shape and clickiness and the display is also a thing of beauty.

One you take it out of the box you realize how solid and perfectly balanced this device is and they have really improved the looks of the iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro mods various colorscharging port in this Pro version (it now looks like the one on a high-end phone). On the top side of the iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro we have the 510 connector with the spring loaded center pin and an LED notification light that blinks with each puff you take to let you know about the status of the battery. And of course you can also check the display to see exactly where it stands at but having a glowing light just under your chin something you can’t ignore, especially if it changes color. And when it does you do need to recharge it.

On the main side we get the firing button, the gorgeous OLED display, the adjustment buttons and the charging port. Because of the 4500mAh battery it’s going to take a few hours for it to recharge but then again it’s going to take a lot of vaping to get the battery empty so expect a massive autonomy. On the base we have the output charging port for your android and iOs phones and also a USB port for other electronics. The retractable cable fits perfectly in its slot until you need it. I tested it and it managed to recharge my 2000mAh Motorola phone up to 97%.

iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro mod cyan The iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro is a variable wattage device and it can go from 6W all the way up to 60W. The great thing is that you need to keep the adjustment button pressed for a few seconds before the wattages starts to change and this means you won’t be able to do this by accident. You can use the mod with any RDA or Tank on the market but I do recommend giving it a go with one of the sub ohm versions. On the other hand, you can also use it with something way smaller like the Protank 3 Mini and get about a week of moderate vaping.

So, it’s pretty clear to me that Innokin have outdone themselves with this model and it’s probably going to have the same success as its predecessors. Big thumbs up for the iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro!